Does anyone have a Full show of Wicked the play?

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This isn’t meant to sound pathetic, sorry, but I was looking to find copies of the production of Wicked, full show but I don’t have a show to trade with. I’m a cancer patient, work out of a hospital bed in living room, but I’m not a slug, I design jewelry, crochet with file silver wire and gemstone crystal or pearl beads to make amulet bags, necklaces, bracelets. I would love to trade something I have made for copies of the show. I made Teal and Kassie, in the sf production, sterling silver witches hats, inlay in silver wire for glenda, and teal green for elphaba, and hung a tiny silver broom from hers, and a tiny magic wand from glendas. I sure hope they got them, I sent them in the mail in Feb. haven’t heard… but I could make one of those, they can be necklaces, or suspended from a sterling silver safety pin, i love making those….
I hope we can work something out. I could see the sf show again, for wheelchair it’s 25.00 and one assistant can come with you for 25. and you sit on the bottom floor, actually great seats. but it takes so much out of me to even walk to the stupid car to get there, then pack extra o2 canisters…. I’m not portable. I thought if I had some copies of various productions, it would be fun. besides my 6 yr old granddaughter fell in love with the song, get this, As Long As You’re Mine! truly. I don’t think she took a breath thru the whole thing. I also make one ruby slipper, made with 14k gold fill wire or ss wire, and ruby swarovski or clear ab as in the play. I really like it as a pendant.
can anyone help? I can give you the link to my jewelry if you email me. the hats aren’t there, I forgot to take a pic. when husband mailed them, he just stuck them in the mail, not signed for, or anything!argggggggg
thanks pat caudel

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Its not legal but there is a pirated video of the show which can be found on sites like Limewire.
Perhaps somebody could let you know where to find it or send you a copy.

One Wicked Green Girl

Hey! I have a bunch of *ahem* bootlegs of Wicked. I could send you a few.
And that’s really cool that you design jewelry.


I have been unemplyed for 5 years. I have no money for the musical. If you could send me a video of “Wicked” I would be so very grateful.


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