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Does anyone find the statue of Buddha from America's Next Top Model degrading?

In the current cycle, the camera always flashes to the statue of Buddha’s head located outside the models’ house, even though Tyra is not follow the teachings of Buddha, and neither do the contestants as far as I know. Is anyone else annoyed by how Buddha is often used as home decor, with no reference to everything he represents?


  1. I disagree. Buddhism is life, including the best things in life like “happiness”, and “physical beauty”. How come some are beautiful looking?
    The below is from Theravada Buddhism:
    Starting from the Inroduction to the Cula-kammavibhanga Sutta:
    You want: … beauty …?
    10. “But here some woman or man is not angry or much given to rage; even when much is said, he is not furious, angry, ill-disposed, resentful, nor does he show ill-temper, hate or surliness. Due to having performed and completed such kammas, on the dissolution of the body, after death, he reappears in a happy destination… If instead he comes to the human state, he is beautiful wherever he is reborn. This is the way that leads to beauty, that is to say, not to be angry or given to much rage; even when much is said, not to be furious, angry, ill-disposed or resentful, or to show ill-temper, hate or surliness.

  2. Offended? no . Annoyed? yes indeed. It’s just an example of how shallow people are and makes me laugh and roll my eyes. I also feel really sorry for these people who just don’t get it. :o)

  3. offended? nope. How is a statue going to help my life? It has ears but cannot hear, has eyes but cannot see. Waste of time. Its just a thing made by man. It has no power therefore deserves no more honour than my shoes.


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