Does anyone else think there's more to sleep paralysis?





I find it odd that the people who experience sleep paralysis always see a figure standing beside them, like I did for many years. I have never ever dreamed about people being near me in my dreams, so I would find it odd to only be “dreaming” that when sleep paralysis happens. Doesn’t anyone else think that there may be more to this, like breaching the gap to an alternate plane, ghosts, something like that? Perhaps some people are prone to be open to other energies or “chosen” by other entities? I have studied psychology in college and been reading my family’s books on psychology for years and have never read anything to make me believe that this would be a strictly physiological thing. My grandfather is a psychologist and my mother has a degree in it as well, I started reading their psychology books in 4th grade. What are your thoughts?


  1. They say that in the hypnogogic state we are prone to visual and auditory hallucinations, so it’s possible it is just physiological. Whenever I’ve had SP, I’ve never seen a figure next to me, just heard a buzzing noise and felt tingly and electric sensations in the back of my neck.

  2. That’s a great question!
    I have experienced SP many times in my life (I’m 53) but there was never a figure associated with those occurrances. However, on every occasion that I can remember, I sensed an invisible evil presence in the room and there was a loud buzzing sound in my mind (as one of your other answerers has pointed out). I am overwhelmed with fear when these occur. I was astounded when, in my later years, I told my sister about these experiences and she said, “Wow! You described it perfectly! I’ve had the same thing happen!”
    Now, as these experiences continued to occur I have tried to override the fear factor and control the occurrance by commanding it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ as I am a devout Christian. This seems to work. But also, if anyone taps me the paralysis immdiately vanishes. My dog was sleeping with me on the bed once during an episode and she heard me attempting to scream out. This prompted her to nudge me and I snapped out of it. So, apparently, when the motor functions are still asleep, a simple touch will jump start them and wake them up. So, my own personal conclusion is: SP is when the motor functions of the body are out of sync with the mental part of the waking up process. So, while the victim is wide awake mentally, the motor functions are still in the sleep mode and therefore causes the sensation of paralysis and utter helplessness. Now, we all know when an alarm clock wakes us from our sleep, if we were dreaming at that instant, our mind instantly attaches the sound of the alarm to something in our dream in order to make some sense out of it. Call it “auto-rationalization.” I believe, it is the same with SP. When a person is mentally awake during SP, the paralysis makes them feel utterly incapable of movement, frightened, helpless, and vulnerable. The mind, having been conditioned through life experiences to expect a source of fear (something or someone) auto-rationalizes the fear by creating a hallucination of a figure by the bed. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times my dreams, especially those I’ve experienced during half-sleep seemed as real as the nose on my face!
    There you have it. What do you think?

  3. I have answered many dream questions and some are due to sleep paralysis. But many do not mention a person standing by them. So I would study people more than books. People have experiences and can tell you more than a book. How many child care books are written by people who never had kid’s? A lot.
    Spend some time in the dream interpretation section and you’ll learn more about psycology.

  4. Every time it happens to me I am on my stomach. So I would not see any thing. I could hear something, and feel something moving. I have learned to move only one finger, instead of trying to move my whole body. This way I come out of it faster. This one time I turned around to see 4 figures walking away from me. There were 3 very short and 1 tall. They all had black hooded robs on. I only saw them from the back. As they were walking away, it looked like the room was stretching. They faded away as they got farther. When I could not see them any more, the room snapped back to normal. I don’t know what I saw, but I know I saw it. I have heard people say that you get sleep paralysis when you get abducted. I all so have been told that it is the so called night hag. I don’t know why I get it, but I do feel like there is something going on when it is happening to me. You are so much in to fighting to move, you don’t sense what is going on around you.

  5. It’s possible, but not most of the time. I believe that it is psychological, your body keeping you safe, but while you sleep, your mind does go into a place that may be another plane. Why couldn’t it be possible? I’d assume that anything you say standing by you was a ghost, another being entirely, or something like that. Probably not dangerous and I don’t think it’s an alien, though. I doubt that aliens are that much smarter than us that they can randomly show up in our rooms. Fly over in UFOs? Maybe. But not sneak in.

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