• No we shouldn’t have a seperate place on answers to post about magickal things. Think about it, most people are idiots that would take the information (right or wrong) and try to use it without doing any real study. So in that case alone I have to say no.

  • Yes!!!

    And, hey, why not break down ‘Religion and Spirituality’ into subsets like ‘Christian’, ‘Muslim’, ‘Buddhist’, ‘Hindu’, ‘New Age’, ‘Wiccan’, ‘Pagan’, etc?

  • Totally, maybe this way less people against it or out of the movement will post offensive posts and we’ll start getting more serious replies! 🙂

    I vote for it, we should tell yahoo!answers to do so

  • Here we go.

    No, there shouldn’t be a separate board for Magick. It should be on the religion and spirituality, but because the bible bashing fanatics who don’t realise that its just another form of their own prayers to their god yell and call it satanism, it was brought here.

    if you want a separate board for magick it will then bring forward the next lot who will complain about the old gods they worship not being used here and instead on the religion board and it will all just go to hell.

    So seriously, just deal with the nice quiet way its gonig now.

  • Yep – suggest it to them – we definitely need a section on magic – but then again, we might get the card game nuts in there posting about Magic The Gathering instead.

  • A separate subsection would be preferable…although that extra K is unnecessary. I refuse to use it myslef….I understand WHY it is used…I just think that since WE had ithe word first…it is the stage illusinists that should adopt a different spelling, but thats just me…

  • You would just get as many nuts in that section yelling its all satanism or some evil thing.

    Rather than any knowledgeable conversation.
    There are boards already on the net for magical conversation that have moderators that get rid of the religious nuts.
    keeping it easier for others to express ones self.

  • No, as magick is generally a personal thing for me I think we witches should probably stick to e-mailing spells amongst ourselves.

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