Home Discussion Forum Does anyone else take astral and mental bodies seriously?

Does anyone else take astral and mental bodies seriously?

I think there is something to it, that is, you can communicate or appear over large distances. However, I don’t know whether it’s all created in the brain?


  1. there is some controvercy on this subject
    ive read such controvercy in many faiths/belief systems
    astral is of course possible
    we do it naturally and we can condition ourselves
    to do it intentionally or at will
    ive read there are dangers in doing so((on many levels))
    where i find it hard to believe that its just wrong
    is because our soul does this very naturally
    how can it be wrong, when its something that just happens
    as for if its in the mind or not, im still learning
    we can travel to different demensions
    is this also within the mind
    again, still learning
    another beautiful example as to just how powerful the mind really is

  2. For informational purposes only: ” Spirit Teachings
    The spirit body.
    (mental or astral body)
    1. The spirit-body.
    2. On the nature of spirit.
    3. Spirit during sleep.
    4. Auras and colors.
    5. Spirit-manifestation.
    6. Higher spirits.
    7. Spirit-influence.
    8. Thought.
    The spirit-body.
    From “More Spirit Teachings”, Part 1: “The spirit-body has the same faculties as the natural, but, in addition, it has others which do not belong to your earth. Within the spirit-body dwells the pervading essence of Deity, and, by living much in prayer and meditation, and by the zealous discharge of active duties, the spiritual life may be developed, as that which is used becomes strong; this being universal law. The higher spirits can only exist for a short time in your atmosphere, and it is often difficult for us to approach you. I myself am far away from the medium, and unable to draw nearer to him, on account of his mental and corporeal conditions. When out of heath, I cannot approach him. Spirits recently passed from earth can more readily draw near to him, but we are able to influence from a distance-time and space not existing with us.”
    From “More Spirit Teachings”, Part 2:
    “The spirit-body is the real individual; and, though for a time it is clothed with fluctuating atoms, its identity is absolutely the same when these atoms are dispensed with.
    “To us the spirit-body is clear and plain. Our view is not hindered, nor are our movements impeded, by matter as it exists on your plane. What seems to you solid is to us pervious. The atoms which the spirit-body attracts to itself, and which it keeps in a state of perpetual change around it, are no real part of the personality. They are not even permanent for the time of existence in this sphere, and when they are replaced by others no change is perceptible to you. We see otherwise. To our eyes those atoms, accidents of earth existence, are no bar. We see the spirit-body.”
    “The spirit-body is enabled by a process of magnetic attraction, to attach to itself particles of gross matter from your plane, and so to render itself temporarily visible to your eye.” “The spirit-body is the real man; the earth-body being only its temporary clothing. The dead body of earth thrown aside leaves the real man with all his individuality untouched. The spirit-body, after leaving the earth-spheres, enters upon a course of purification, in process of which it passes through many changes analogous to death. Even as from the earth-body is eliminated a body more refined than it, but not dissimilar from it: so, from it again when the spirit has advanced sufficiently, is eliminated a more refined body; and so on, till the process of refinement has fitted it to enter the spheres of contemplation. At each successive stage the spirit accretes to itself a similar body, and throws aside owe which has become unsuited to it. Hence each change of state is accompanied by one somewhat analogous to death”…..CONTINUED………………

  3. I used to believe it, but not anymore. Astral projection has never been proved scientifically, which is rather odd, considering the fact that it would be incredibly easy to prove. All you would have to do is get someone to “astrally project” and read a series of numbers written on a piece of paper in another room, out of their vision. It’s an incredibly easy experiment that would probably take a couple minutes to complete, and yet, no one in history has been able to do it.
    Having experienced out-of-body experiences myself, I completely understand why people think they’re supernatural. They are incredible experiences that really have the ability to change you, and it can be very hard to believe that the human mind could ever create something so extraordinary. But in actuality, there’s nothing supernatural about them.

  4. It’s not just a brain thing. The reason people don’t simply experiment with these things using tests involving digits sequences is…
    Actually they do, and sometimes the results come out positive. However, the implications of such studies are so deeply incompatible with current scientific thought that they’re basically ignored.
    I personally found verification much more difficult than this study suggests, but did get there in the end.

  5. Well it is very real but millions of people have never experiences an Astral projection and those that have only machines can answer your question as to what the human body go through and there is no set situation as to how and what these machines reading means…………..

  6. From my own experiences it has been proved to me that these are true and the reality behind the apparent. I have experienced that there is no time or space in Reality. That is the phenomena of the material world. The more subtle phenomena of the spiritual realm transcends the material world. We have a physical body and we have a subtle body. We have mind and also spirit/soul. Each level of our being is more subtle than the other until we get to the Reality behind the forms both subtle and gross and that is consciousness itself.
    The brain only caters to the senses. It is the soul that caters to the Being which is beyond the senses.
    Some years ago I sat to pray and meditate. A friend of mine who lived in Argentina was dying of cancer. My heart was breaking for her. As I prayed, God took me out of my body and I found myself in her room in Buenos Aires. The whole room exploded in a flash of light and I knew she was healed. As the light faded I found myself sitting back in my room in Pennsylvania. A month later her son took me aside when he had returned from Argentina to visit her. She had told him about the experience. As he told me I said, “You don’t have to say. I was there when it happened.” I knew God was letting me hear of it through her son to confirm that it had really happened and was not just my imagination.
    I have had too many of these kinds of experiences to doubt the nature of this higher Reality and the nature of God.


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