Sunday, September 26, 2021

Does anyone else see an aura of Colors around lights?

Like candle’s, street lights etc, just wondering if everyone else did as well. A few colors yellow then red, purple, blue and green but not in that order i can’t remeber what order the colors go, any way does everyone else see that?


  1. Under two sets of circumstances:
    1: My glasses refract the light into the various spectra
    2: I have had some lsd, shrooms or mescaline.

  2. When I don’t wear my glasses, or my glasses are wet from rain, I will. Actually, I think it makes for a very interesting background, especially if it’s a night scene or something. (I think of a lot of things in Movie / Film scenes as I’m working towards my dream of becoming a digital matte painter)
    BTW, just remember the name Roy G Biv
    Learned that in 4th grade and its still stuck with me 15 years later =P

  3. yeah….its because light as we see it is made up of the full color spectrum, if angled right, one can see all colors because the lenses in our eyes divide the light acting as a prism.

  4. that’s called chromatic aberration – in optics, it’s due to different wavelengths of light being brought to different focal points by a lens, such as the ones in your eyes

  5. Yes, I see them, I always thought everybody saw this, so never occured to ask anyone else. Yet a apparently a lot of people don’t see this. As one time, I mentioned that I liked the rainbow colours around the candle and they replied with “what colours?”. So I asked another person and they also did not see them? Also, I see them around street lights and stand there pointing straight at them and people still say, they can’t see them. I find that bewildering.
    To me, it looks the same colour and transparentness and the same order as rainbows
    (btw, now that you have requested my email in order for me to post a comment. Please don’t send me spam or join me on your mailing list/s, thanks)


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