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Does anyone else realize the monumental impact that YA has had and will have on poetry?

BQ:Did you ever think that this many people would read your poems and give immediate feedback?
BQ2:Do you see any signs that there will be great changes in the mindset of a good number of us?
BQ3:Would thinking in poetry be a good way to send a person’s emotions via telepathy?
BQ4: Is it Divine Intervention that gave me the gift of you beautiful people and your poetry?


  1. <3 ofcourse.
    all BQ : yes
    I am sure that my feeling is right, I know who are poets with beautiful hearts or only playing in the section.
    With poets, we have beautiful communication, <3
    Good luck!

  2. In answer to your questions No, No, No and LC if that’s what you want to think for last question then it’s fine by me.
    The impact that it has had on ME, is to put me in touch with others who share an interest in poetry and to increase my confidence a bit more with my work. As for the impact on poetry in general, I doubt if it has had any. If I am mistaken, perhaps someone would like to put me right. I’m all ears.
    Morning sweet pea (that’s Iano I’m talking too) How ya doing? Do ya miss me?

  3. Nah. I would say for about 95% of users, it’s just a questions and answers site to come and go like its nothing. I doubt many people outside of Yahoo take it seriously at all.
    For the other 5% it’s a place to be a part of a community of friends, read each others work and keep in touch.
    Has anyone really changed? Most of us have been alive a long time. It’s not like we have been thrown into a Concentration Camp lol. It’s just a place to piss a bit of time here and there and have fun. I would be suprised if certain peoples mindsets have changed since using this.
    Yes, it’s Divine Intervention that God allowed me to read 45 altered versions of the same poem by Adam Snow in one single day.

  4. Are you serious?
    Addition: My Q was intended as a request for information. Many ironic Q’s and poems have been posted on this site in the past week. I am upset that it was misinterpreted.
    Addition #2: Hello, Bradley…WAIT!…I mean Barry. Aren’t your thumbs getting tired? Oh, I forgot, you have 10 of them…

  5. Yahoo Answers is a great site and reading poetry here is quite cathartic for me… The mindset of people changes continuously and improves greatly, I think… Thinking in poetry is a great way of expressing emotions! Your gift of poetry came from a higher force!

  6. Somewhere under a parasol Mary Poppins is blushing…
    A fellow as full of shite as Hiram should be extra careful of grunting in public…
    When Ian says you’re ‘bonkers’ he’s really saying you’re family and he’s inviting you over for dinner…

  7. I believe in the sense of finding people who are here primarily to express publicly.
    I think it’s given many new here, an education in the forms the styles, the rules if you will.
    I’m not staying but for the time I was here I have met some wonderful people whom I wish will keep at the art.
    BQ. No. That is an amazing thing about this medium. I most prefer consructive critisism, but certainly it’s nice to be acknowledge too.
    BQ2. My mindset has already been changed by stalkers, hence they drove me away from here to find a more peaceful setting.
    BQ 4. Good question. I have to believe we are both drawn by, or pushed to those who become friends. Is it by D.I.? I can’t say.

  8. I love the hyperbole at play here.
    In answer to your “posted” question I know yahoo poetry will have no impact on “poetry”.
    What it does do is allow a range of age groups to discuss many issues via poetry. This is a good thing. We share the same playground and like children we get excited, we laugh, we cry, we kick sand in each other’s faces, we tell great truths, we tell great and sad secrets, we tell tales, we tell lies, we snicker, we piss in the sand, some of us change outfits and come in disguise to the sand pit but when the mask is pulled “off the old lone ranger” we promise NEVER to return but we DO return each day to start afresh with our play mates. Probably this time as Jim!
    There is a poem here! Good Lordy I see it! I feel it. I feel a poem comin’ on!

  9. Not really/No/Nuh uh, I’m afraid/Certainly would be cool/Hopefully…don’t believe in coincidence!
    And I also believe you can be serious even with a different opinion from others, and, if you ARE serious, such a question asked such a way, can’t be anything short of hurtfully mean. Why can’t we, if we feel that way about something, just walk away and find something we DO agree with? I’m certainly dead tired of 13-year-old-OMG-he/she’s-leavin’-again, angst-ridden diatribes myself, but I don’t drop hate bombs in answer to their questions. I just quietly leave and find something that DOES interest me! This even applies to contacts with whom I sometimes…and sometimes often…disagree with.

  10. If I get 3-5 responses that is a lot. I can get THAT many readers without leaving my house usually. 2/3rds are just trolls listening to themselves talk, and when people go “that’s great man” I know from long experience it means they either didn’t get or DIDN’T READ what they are praising.
    So many people MISUNDERSTAND when I speak plainly in here that if THIS IS TELEPATHY lets go back to grunts as they are more intelligible.
    If this were Dungeons and Dragons it would be hard to make a case for YA having an impact. Since poetry is less significant than RPG’s it wouldn’t even matter if you were right.
    But we love ya anyway.
    [Mary Poppins has popped out of her bonnet and is flying across the street sans parasol. Just her “light loafers” carrying her along. I think “Teacher” has bitten you and given you his disease. Wait, HOLD THE PRESSES. The man who calls me RUDE just THREATENED ME IN PUBLIC. The expert on synchronized grunting (which he has confused for poetry.)]

  11. So far, for me, is not yet reached monumental proportions, but very much allows a way to get a feel for where the poet community is, in the contemporary sense.
    I expect impact of course, as I get to know the who, what, why.
    Good question

  12. You ought to broaden your scope, and ask, “Does anyone else realize the monumental impact the Internet has had, and will continue to have, on communication?”. That being said, Y!A has not impacted poetry, but rather its accessibility.

  13. Don’t no what BQ means, perhaps “Big Question?” I guess you have a right to express your sarcasm publicly, first amendment etc.


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