Does anyone else out there have the ability to see people's "auras"?

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I do not have this ability- but my wife does. She said that her own aura is black, and my aura is red. I never even knew what color mine was until about one day ago. What do these colors mean? How does someone have the ability to see auras?

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Zorias shirotsuki

turns out they are like mood rings the color depends on your emotions,mind and heart so judging by your color you are either mad or you are very proud.


We all give off heat- which is a measure of energy. Some people give off high energy- some people give off low. A thermograph can determine where you are on the scale- (which by the way exists for all living things- plant and animal.) Modern uses of thermographs have gone from entertainment use to breast imaging for cancer.
People who get read by a thermograph and derive a reading of black are considered to be absorbing energy and are emotionally dull, cold human beings who drain energy from others. They dont give off allot of energy- but they take it. Dealing with them can feel like a psychological black hole.
Not everyone claims to have the ability to see auras- but most people have the ability to feel energy coming from others. It’s basically the same thing.
Anyone who argues with the “specialness” of seeing auras and then feels a sense of uniqueness by telling people about their auras is promoting their self in a narcissistic manner- in much the same way that psychics believe they have power. It is a reaction formation to deep set insecurities that is hidden with a false self of “special sight” which masks the fact that maybe they are as common as the rest of us. Insistence of special powers can be a trait of Schizotypal personality. Best to talk to a therapist if the relationship becomes too magical thinking.


I have this ability, I am not very good or developed, but I know the gist of it.
Black- ooo… Um are you sure she can see them? Many people that see auras have either a blue or purple one. Black genreally means evil or misleading. It’s basicly the exact opposite of what good people have. Everyone has multiple colors in thier auras, so many people have just a bit of black. She probably has dark purple and assumes it’s black, or has a little bit and didn’t clarify the amount in her aura.
Red- Depending on the shade, in most cases it means sexual, athletic, occasionally rude, enthusiastic, and ignorant. Many men have this aura (at least that I know) and you shouldn’t worry if it’s bad.
I have learned to see auras through websites. I stumbled upon one a while ago and realized just how fun and helpful it can be. Many people don’t see auras, and a select few can feel them. A friend of mine can walk into a room with a stranger and know that they are either good, or mean trouble. I have no idea how to attain that form, but “The third eye” can be opened for you as well.
No, I am not lieng about my… ‘talent.’ It appears to me the same way that weird eye light sticks with you once you’ve looked at the sun too long.
If I were you, I would ask her yourself on how to do such things. she may have facinating answers, and show her this as well. She may be able to clarify why she has a black aura.
Oh yeah, its pretty easy to learn how. I am not special because I can do it. Anyone can if they try hard enough, and have enough time. I love love love doing it on car rides that take forever (its a great time killer to practice)
Many people do not belive in it, so I tell few. I told one person that is now avoiding me; She believes it is not real and that I’m a crazy witch. :\


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