does anyone else have what they call the third eye ?





aparently i have it. basically its when u somtimes see ghosts and spirits but its like in the corner of your eye its weird. i have seen a professional about it and yeah he says i do. i have seen quite alot of ghosts and weird things happening to me and its creepin me out. just wondering if anyone else has it ?


  1. I’ve never really heard it called the third eye. I have that though, even though it’s not necessarily out of the corner of my eye. I’ve had a professional that thought I was extremely blessed.
    Personally, I used to think it was a curse.
    I dont really use it…not something I’m into

  2. My mom spotted a familiar spirit on my dad shoulder before he gave his life back to God. It looked like a gargoyle. At the time he was drinking and when he was drunk he would ramble on about how he had been a mobster and killed many people. I know not in his life time that ever happened so it was the spirit speaking through him. We prayed for him and got confirmation he would be freed from this thing. My mom sees these things some times as a glimpse and she saw the Gargoyle figure on his shoulder. That was the familiar spirit. I once saw a picture of this demon on a man shoulder snapped by accident on film. It was actually on the news.
    Ill reffer you to one of my experiences with a spirit also.
    To make a long story short My mom and Dad were arguing one time and my mom started choking before my dad came back to God. The spirit was choking her but I had no idea exactly what was going on and my dad was kinda stunned. I felt the Holy Spirit rise up in me and I reached out and spoke in tongues and immediately it released her. She told me afterwards it was holding her breathing tube closed. She was a bit shaken but we found joy in knowing God again was there for us. It was of course that familiar spirit before it had been cast out at the time. Shortly after that my Dad came back to Jesus.
    For my experience with a spirit in Korea read my response on this link.;_ylt=AgOPtyvigge3Mkz7BAk0wlDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081017212744AAXArL3&show=7#profile-info-kmaOz8HQaa
    They tried attacking my brother before and he said they looked like a gargoyle also. He has seen them it was on his back trying to dig its claws in in Afghanistan. He learned if you forcefully approach them with the authority of Jesus they also run.

  3. Everyone has this ability to a degree. An open mind will go a long way to keep it (3rd eye) open. ppl have been programmed not to see things out of the ordinary ,and tend not to see the unusual unless it’s in their face. Then ,I have heard seemingly sane ppl deny what they just saw ,making up some lame explanation, just because what they saw doesn’t fit with their personal philosophy. (Philosophy,or religion, and $1.00 might buy you a cup of fast food coffee).
    I have had many paranormal experiences. I grade them on a 1-10 scale .A 1 is “I thought I just saw something”. A 10 is ” My wife and I just saw the spirit of a family member and heard her say i am gone>later we found out she died minutes before.” I have had both ,and everything in between.
    There are ,though mental disorders which will mimic psychic phenomena.Usually they turn violent or paranoid,such as voices telling you to do something evil,to yourself or others.
    If you are not in this category,be thankful for your experiences.They are a gift . THere books about such things and it is interesting to study. Again, don’t believe everything you read. There are a lot of fakes and misleaders in the field. Check out a metaphysical book store if there is one near you.
    God Bless

  4. Yes, but it sees nothing. In the photo to the left, my third eye is the one on the left (your left, my right). It’s made of acrylic.
    In high school, my friend was doing a photography project. She was shooting this girl up close (face), and wanted to know if I could lend my prosthetic eye so that the girl being shot (with a camera, not a gun, lol) could hold it in her mouth. Of course I said yes! The photos turned out really, really cool.

  5. Oh yeah, and I’m having a hell of a time to find a set of three contact lenses. You know they sell them in twos right? like the shoes:-)

  6. That’s not ‘third eye’, that’s second sight.
    Your ‘third eye’ is your pineal gland, which is directly underneath your brain.

  7. You mean when you see something move out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn nothing is there? I think a lot of people have that. It happens to me a lot. I think it might be a slight paranoia problem.

  8. Oh my god!! :O I’ve never heard of it but wow! I sometimes get that!!
    Mostly at night and stuff. I usually see stuff like that when I’m not meaning to such as when I am playing PSP at night with all lights off, I sometimes catch a glimse of something!
    My friend sees ghosts lol! He’s seen a lot in my house…a few of which in my room XD.

  9. everyone has it, but some just havent opened it. but im sorry to say that what youre seeing are shadow people.

  10. yes, important to know, you are in control. If you are not comfortable, tell spirits not to show themselves to you. If you are comfortable, perhaps a development class w/ a trusted mentor would help you handle your gift

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