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Does anyone else get negative Psychic Vibes off of Christians and Bibles?

Let me explain whenever I am around a Church, Christian, or Bible I get this negative dirty energy. Have you been in a church and felt the energy also its kind of eerie isn’t it that so many people are giving their life energies into their true damnations.


  1. Heh I dont believe in energy or auras persay. But when Im in church the singing just sickens me as well as the sermon.
    I tried to be open with it but I just cant take it drives me crazy. I think I’m just immune to bullshit.

  2. Do you get it even before you know one of those is around? I doubt it.
    What we have here is not a psychic vibe or anything supernatural, but rather a psychological response. You have had a past negative experience involving Christianity, or just a general distrust for Christianity, and your subconscious is alerting you when something pertaining to Christianity is around – telling you to be wary. It is actually a fairly common phenomenon. Many new police officers are actually taught to listen to their vibes and to simply turn around and walk out of the room immediately if the hair on the back of their neck ever stands up on end for this very reason. It’s a sort of an instinct, except that one is born with an instinct and this can be developed.

  3. I’m not going to claim to understand the psychic vibes part, but I do know what you mean about the christian church being a very negative place. They claim to be such a loving, helpful group- but the fact of the matter is, they will cast you out for not agreeing with them in a heart beat. I frankly don’t believe in the bible or church law because it’s man made. I think it’s a real nice story, but it’s been retold too many times & the message has changed. I don’t have a problem with christians on an individual level as long as they don’t try to convert me (I’m Agnostic & I’m staying that way thank you very much). I’m planning on taking a religion/phylosophy course soon so that I can learn more about all religions. I’d love to talk more with you. Feel free to email me.


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