Does anyone else get completely frustrated that our culture is so behind on universal consciousness?

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I wish I could skip a few generations into the future when people have reached a civilized state.

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You could be born 900 generations into the future and it will never happen. it’s a fairy tale


I guess when we find out what the universe is thinking then we can work out if we are behind or not…
Maybe planet earth is exactly where it’s meant to be..the right angle…the right everything…… degree either way and we won’t even to be able to contemplate whether we are in line with universal consciousness…
in my opinion
I wish I could stick around too, to find out how things turn out…


All you can do is stay conscious and try to spread the awareness.
frustrating, yes, but you can’t let it get to you too much or it will break you!

Jay D

Ar you saying that OTHER cultures are so far ahead in universal consciousness that we pale into insignificance?..if so then i would like to know which cultures ….then we can enter into some meaningful and significant discussions?


The ancient Babylonians, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans all considered themselves civilised, so will the next two or three millennia prove any better? I certainly hope so.


I don’t know which culture to which you are referring.
It would probably be a bit more that a few generations that you would
have to skip before you found a civilized state. Most people do not know
of universal consciousness. I personally don’t know what it is. Just
hooking up with my own consciousness is a full time job. I guess I would have to skip a few generations in order to learn these things.


yes, but I have a trick I use to feel better about it
I have learned a lot about mankind, and what I have found the most interesting is how they have evolved spiritually
they started out fearing ghosts, and trying to appease them, then relying on special people to appease them and act as go-betweens (shamans, medicine-men, priests, etc) and we listened to the ‘priest class’ because we believed that they had a connection to the ‘other side’
in the past, the priest class made all of the rules, and passed all of the judgments, and, depending on the culture, punishments which ranged from torture, to death, to be eaten by one’s enemies… ewww
okay, fast forward, humans evolved their spiritual natures to the point where they recognized that there must be one over-riding deity figure that created everything else, and now our priests were the go-betweens for us and the One God that we worshiped
the priests were still in control, maybe even more so because they could control kingdoms and empires merely by threatening to remove the Grace of God from the rulers of the day
fast forward again, here we are, no longer, most of us, at the mercy of the priest class, (not that they have gone away, just that they don’t make ALL of the rules anymore) most of us not in fear of ghosts, most of us aware that all humans are related at some level and deserve a certain amount of respect (we don’t eat our enemies anymore, and we are trying to learn not to torture them, too)
humans ARE advancing, it only seems slow to you because it happens in increments
have faith, if you believe in a higher power, God, then have faith that God is as least as smart as you are, and has a good plan for all of us


I am not sure that we are progressing to a state of universal consciousness. We were much closer to it when most people had animistic beliefs, prior to cities, division of labour and codified, prescriptive religion. No matter – perhaps we can all choose our state of consciousness, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

Pimpgiest immortal

well you got a long wait, hopefully you just turn into a butterfly or something so you can enjpoy yourself


its all corrupt politics… the world is run by egomaniacs, fundamentalists…. and shallow materialistic maggots.


No, I’m not frustrated because I think that we are all at different levels of consciousness (a child’s conscious is different to that of an adult’s for example and it will always be like that) but I think we will slowly move into it as a child that is growing up, and the younger generations will be born into it but it will take some time for them to become aware of it, just as it took us time to become aware of the point that we are today, and we will continue to learn. What I mean is that we seem to be always catching up: our growth seems to never stop.


No point in getting frustrated, as there never has been a ‘civilised state’, and never will be unless, we act on good ol’ Bertie Einstein’s suggestion that: “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking. if humanity is to survive”. Maybe we need the old way of thinking, and then try a new tack? Whatever, can’t be easy, living in the land of — ‘natural reciprocity and truth’?


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