Home Discussion Forum Does anyone else feel suppressed by ordinary lifestyles?

Does anyone else feel suppressed by ordinary lifestyles?

A few years ago I had an immense spiritual/mental awakening. This caused me to look at everything differently and uniquely. I’m so aware of what’s happening around me, or what people are thinking or why they do certain things. I guess you could say I also obtained some intense intuitiveness. But aside from it all, my entire mentality is just different, my mind’s always busy and it physically tiring sometimes. But the fact of the matter is that now that I feel this way my ordinary lifestyle of a student, of having to go to college to work, to save up for pension; it sounds so restricting and suppressing to my mind. And I began to think about it and I realised that the only way out of this was fame, you know, a busy, open lifestyle for a busy mind. Does that make sense? Dose anyone else feel that way?


  1. I feel like a caged animal locked away because it would upset the balance of society.
    Not too bad, all things considered.

  2. I’m the same way. I hate working. I hate corporate bull shit. I hate all the crap that goes along with it and the there are plenty of others like you.
    There is a solution to your problem, though. You need to find a craft or skill that you can use to avoid the above. Whatever that is, art, music, singing, writing, whatever. Find out, and pursue it every bit of your busy mind.

  3. I agree with you entirely
    Sometimes I just want to cast all this expected crap and the mundane predictability of everything and just live according to my whims
    I see my mum and her entire world is work, cleaning and coronation street, and I do not want to end up that way, because I know she wasn’t always like that
    Of course the whole working for money is in our society, important for doing certain things
    but I don’t want that
    I shouldn’t have to be miserable doing things that are just carrying me complacently to death
    I want to live!
    According to my terms
    doing anything I can think of
    regardless of what society has dictated that I should do!

  4. I think a lot of people share this feeling. I do a lot of the time. All of us seem to be longing for something beyond this life. I am not religious but that to me is one of the most compelling arguments for an after-life. The sheer fact that we all seem to desire something like that so much.
    As far as fame being the only solution… that’s not necessarily true. You could be a hermit. Or mooch off your friends and family so you could quit work. Go be a monk or something. There are other solutions, but not sure how attractive any of them are.
    Let’s find an island and start a new civilization.

  5. I agree completely.
    I’m so scared of growing up, because I don’t want to be conformed to the day to day routines of adults. It scares me. I want variety, and I want to be able to travel and see how other people live their lives. There is so much to see, so why be confined to one location? I want to do something that makes a difference, you know? And I think people are too afraid of change.
    So yeah, I feel you.

  6. Life is divided into two parts. One is your professional life and the other is your personal life.In both you have to compromise something to stay successful.There is nothing 100% satisfactory in any profession or relationship. To make it routine or worthwhile lies only in you. your profession may become dull or bright according to the way you reach it. And in a relation you need to accept it as it is with all it’s plus and minus to succeed. Please accept life as it comes to you and make the best out of it and success,fame all will come to you automatically.

  7. yeah i feel this way as well…like there is more to life than what people normally experience….its dull to just think of working until retirement……i would like to travel a lot but its a matter of money…i live in a very small area and there is very little to do here….i wouldnt want to be famous or anything…winning the lottery would be nice…i hate having to worry about money…yeah i also find myself analyzing things, situations and people even myself…especially myself… i overanalyze everything…i see you said you were in college…what are you majoring in? thats something i dont know about…career…ive gone to school and right now im taking off time because i couldnt decide on my major…im so indecisive and lost…i keep thinking i should major in something i like but it seems very unlikely that i will get a job in these areas or make a decent living with them…or i could go back and go into something that would bore me to begin with but i could make decent money with…i mean all jobs are boring but i guess i dont know i wanna start out enjoying it…im from the usa…my friend from australia seems so much more laid back than i am…he seems to generally not care about career and he wants to just have fun each day…i wish i could be like that….i think ive been brainwashed over the years…thats why i never chose to be religious because i hate feeling like someone else is telling me what to think…im so lost and indecisive at the moment…maybe thats what you are feeling because you feel like nothing can make you happy..anyways sorry i rambled


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