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does anyone else feel like this?

I want to better understand myself and i need to see if anyone else believes in what i believe in. Plus there is something grounding about seeing your inner thoughts posted for people to reply about so here it goes. I grew up going to catholic church. My family is not religious and it never cought on me. I have never felt any connection to it nor do i want to believe in such a fear my wrath kind of supiorior being. At least that is how the church is imprinted in my brain. I chose to find my own beliefs without any influences from books. I started to believe that each one of us, or at least myself, could find in our selfs the ability to find strength and peace and generally fight our own fears with self understanding. Since i have started embarking on this journy i have had many ups and downs and doubts and reasurrences. I have found a deep connection with bhuddsm, but really only the meditation parts and the stuff dealing with energy. I havent really clicked with the idealogy. I want to know that im not the only person who tries to look inside themselfs for the strentgh we need to live every day. I feel very alone and disconnected many times because i dont have a religion i truly connect with and that brings me great sorrow. But i feel that i have found a way to enjoy things in a different aspect then most people could ever dream, i feel so alive and connected with the universe sometimes. But then i loose the connection, but each time i connect i feel completely in tune and it gives me strength each time. Does anyone have any expierences like this, does anyone have any advice to feel more connecteed with people spiritually, any good websites?


  • No, I don’t feel you can find the answer in your self.

    You are limited to what you know and the true answer to life’s great questions has to be bigger than us. If any of us is the answer to this world’s problems then the world is in trouble.

    There is a bigger answer than just us and that is God. Since God is bigger than us He will communicate to us about why things are the way they are and offer us the way out. That is the Bible.

    When you quit staring into your own navel and look outside of yourself you will discover there is something bigger and greater. Take a look at something bigger than your own corner of life. Look at the world around us. Nature inspires and humanity alternately inspires and demeans. Ask yourself what makes the difference?

    Seek the truth and you will find it. Yes, religion sometimes disappoints us. Do you blame God or look beyond human failings in religion to find the truth?

  • The bible was created around 325 AD you think Jesus would have known that something like this would have been canonized? I don’t think so, and I don’t know whether he would have been pleased about it or not.

    Also there’s a few books that could have made it into the bible but Roman Emperor Constantine I had way to much power over the many at the time and so many books that could have been part of the bible were destroyed.

    Here’s a good place to start if you have extra questions on the topic of religion.


    Any further reading can be found here at:

    Good luck 😉

  • Wow, this is a very cool question!

    I think it’s interesting and meaningful to be able to share our doubts and find means to get them answered. This is what this particular kind of forum is about, afterall. However, isn’t that what we would like for ALL of our doubts?

    I can absolutely relate to your experience. I believe, growing up, my mom had a very similar experience: she grew up in a Catholic tradition, but eventually came to search for her own meaningful way to find peace and experience her spirituality. Thus she allowed my brother and I to choose our own [spiritual] beliefs — when I was a 19 year old-student at Oxford and UCLA, surrounded by a myriad of faiths (including atheism), I decided to convert to Catholicism, of all things!

    I made the choice based on feelings very similar to yours, I believe: a desire to find something within myself that is meaninful and great — only to have found something meaningful and great that transcends my own existence. I came to many realizations (that, of course, many would dismiss as self-rationalizations) that I found important and meaningful.

    Eventually, you’ll come to a place in your life where you may feel compelled to finally make a clear choice. Whatever that choice may be, I hope you find the meaning I found, also. In no way am I going to imply that all your doubts will be dispelled! Being a Catholic requires constant questioning, constant reaffirming of one’s faith, you will still experience ups and downs — but there’s more than just a simple comfort in the understanding that comes along with adhering to a particular expression of one’s spirituality, an understanding that does not only include your own self, but others, and, at least in Christianity, something much greater.

  • I’m curious how it is that people think that all of the answers to life can be found by searching within themselves. I noticed you said you would look within yourself for strength. You said that since you’ve begun, you’ve had many ups and downs. I think the problem is that the truth does not lie within any human being, but lies without us.

    I notice a lot of people saying what you are saying. Then, I see them write books about their “revelations” and “experiences”. You, theoretically, could write a book about your experiences. Then, after a bunch of people believe that you’ve found some truth, they read your book, and 2,000 years later a bunch of people say “You can’t get truth from some book written by man!”

  • religion is just a custom to conform with society. no religion is true per say.

    they are all man thought of

    what you need to do is follow your conscience that’s when you are being connected with a higher power. don’t feel like you need to conform with society by being a part of a group

  • I think you are where I am on this.

    I find the more time I spend in natural areas (like deep forests, mountains, etc,) the better things seem. A good sunset or a moonlit night are a better experience than anything involving a church or a book.

    I don’t believe in anything supernatural, but otherwise I’m pretty much like a Pagan on a lot of things.

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