Home Discussion Forum does anyone believe Twin telepathy?

does anyone believe Twin telepathy?

i am a twin and we tried to do it and i think it worked because she told me what i was trying to tell her


  1. It is reasonable to assume that identical twins would have similar thought patterns, but there is not even a hint of proof of any kind of telepathy for twins or anyone else for that matter.

  2. I do not believe that twins can consciously communicate with each other voluntarily. They can have similar thought patterns which may “appear” to be telepathic. I had twin uncles. One lived close by and the other lived 8 States away. The uncle who lived closest suffered a heart attack in the middle of the night and passed away a few minutes later. When my folks came home from the emergency room with the news of his passing, my mother (his sister) was so upset that she could not call the twin brother to tell him of his twin brothers death. I was voluntered to call him and break the bad news. Just as my hand touched the reciever to lift it, our phone rang. I picked it up and said “hello” only to hear my uncle say, “My brother is dead isn’t he. I woke up a while ago and I knew he was dead”. I told him that he was correct and we were just in the process of calling him to let him know. Absolutely a true story. Probably more like ESP than telepathy, but something was in play there. Still, I don’t believe in either, even though I have seen something I cannot explain. I think things like this occur in moments of stress or danger, but probably not on a conscious level. This is the long answer, the short answer would have been “No”. One coincidental incident of “reading somebody’s mind” could appear to be telepathic, but under scientific test conditions, it just don’t happen.


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