Home Discussion Forum Does anyone believe the world is going to end in 2012?

Does anyone believe the world is going to end in 2012?

Ive heard lots about mankind going to be wiped out by a natural disaster in 2012. Its been predicted by the people that predicted World War 1, the rise of Hitler and the Tsunami.
Does anyone believe this?


    • Yes,some people do believe that the world is going to end in 2012 in the whole world but in my school no one does and I believe that the world is not going to end in 2012 because there is lots of stories.

  1. No, however, I do believe there will be chaos. ‘End of the world’ riots, suicidals, people taking it too far, religious protests, riots etc.
    Might not be the end of the world, but it may come close to it,

  2. No.
    To be fair the Egyptians have also predicted the end of the world. They’d predicted several events including the Crucifixion of Christ and WW1 and according to what’s written on the Great Pyramid the world will end around 2700AD. Sorry can’t remember the exact number.

  3. Hi! Please check on the internet on 2012 related topics, it is full with info that you will find very useful. You should put your mind at rest in so far as the end of the world goes but it seems that the end of an Earth cycle is due and from the numerology point of view it will be a 5 year which can prove to be troublesome or lets say more so than other years. Greater chances of war, further financial crisis, etc.
    Let’s hope all will be well as we have enough trouble on this planet as it is!!!!!
    Take care!!!!!!

  4. No….
    Most of these predication’s are so vague that they are only attributed to some disaster after its happened.
    others, eg nostradamus, as predictions going beyond 2012…
    If I was to predict, war, earth quake, flood for 2010… there is a good chance I’d be right some were in the world.

  5. this is just an internet rumour that’s been doing the rounds for years now, and has been growing in complexity as different people have added new bits of rumour to it. Started with Nibiru and the sumerians..the Maya got added to it..Planet X as well..Nostradamus…obscure numerology from the bible..you name it, and it’s being lumped in with 2012…and now a film that people think is a warning!
    If this event happens every 7500 years or so, Homo sapiens as a species has already witnessed and survived it what…about 50 times? Giant tsunami did occur in the distant past…REALLY distant past! According to Alfvens theory, for a time, after the formation of our moon, it was so close that it formed a tide 7 miles high that swept around the earth every day…but this was about 4.5 billion years ago! You want something real to worry about? look up Eta Carinae…somewhere in that cloud of gas is a star on the brink of exploding, could happen today, tomorrow or in a 1000 years, when it does, and if by bad luck we are in the path of it’s gamma burst..it’s not just the earth, but the entire GALAXY that will be wiped clean of life! no point worrying about it, nothing to be done about it…dum vivimus vivamus…while we live…let us LIVE!

  6. no…it won’t end then…it had better not – we have the 2012 Olympics coming to the UK then…surely the world can’t end before that!!!

  7. No I really don’t believe it will. I saw 2012 the movie today and it made me realize, “Could this really all happen on one specific day?” I really don’t think so.

  8. No I really don’t believe it will. I saw 2012 the movie today and it made me realize, “Could this really all happen on one specific day?” I really don’t think so.

  9. I used to. Unfortunately, I can get a little paranoid when these ‘end of the world dates’ roll by. But I researched it, and have since come to the conclusion that it is rubbish. By the way, don’t listen to Peace Crusader, who is he to predict WWIII in 2012? And Nostradamus’s “prophecies” are so vague it’s not funny. He’s obviously a fundie

  10. Let’s get this clear.
    Nobody predicted World War 1.
    Nobody predicted the rise of Hitler.
    Nobody predicted the tsunami.
    Just think about the last one. If someone predicted the tsunami, why didn’t they warn all those people who died?
    If by ‘these people’ you mean the Mayans, they never predicted anything for 2012. Next time someone tells you about a correct prediction, look for indisputable evidence that the prediction was made before the event. You will never find it.
    On the subject of 2012, nothing will happen because there isn’t a single scrap of scientific evidence behind the ridiculous claims of a bunch of crackpots.


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