Does anyone believe in Thelema?

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I am not trying to incite any anger. I am just wondering and I want to learn more about it.

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Takeshita aka Burlap Sack

thelema & louise is a great female empowerment film


A good start I would think would be to read Magick Without Tears. Many of Crowley’s libers you can find online such as here:

Io Kaos!

Are you asking if we’re Thelemites, or if we believe in Will? Regardless, yes and yes.
Have you read Liber Al vel Legis yet? What about Crowley’s commentary on it? If not I would suggest starting there, “The Law is for All” is a great way to accomplish just that (especially if you can find the edition introduced by Regardie).
Here’s a nice little introduction to Thelema:


for all Pagans/Wiccans and any other magick user?

have any of you seen the trailer for a new movie about magick and etc.... users it called The Covenant go to yahoo movies...

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I was just curious about this topic. Does anyone know?

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