Home Discussion Forum Does anyone believe in the near death experience?

Does anyone believe in the near death experience?

Shortly before my father passed away, he said he dreamt of a garden which he liked very much! He was suffering terribly from cancer, it was any day we expected him to die. We had to put our ear to his mouth to hear him .He was not a religous man and was terrified to die! After this happened he surprisingly told my mother he was not afraid to die! Do you believe a person can start travelling hours or days before death? The near death experience is something that has always intrigued me! I like to believe people suffering can go to the other side when they fall asleep and are relieved of their pain for a moment1 Any similar experiences you would like to share? Serious answers only please ! Thanks!


  1. nah, I don’t think so but one thing that is for sure is that those people just know when they will leave, so face the fact

  2. Dreams are interesting phenomena, and strange things can happen. I know more than one person who has had a near-perfect precognitive dreams, including myself. I’ve read that speaking with dead relatives is also a common dream motif (Carl Jung reports being asked about marriage psychology by his dead father in a dream three months before his mother’s death).
    Perhaps your father’s dream reassured him (at least subconsciously) that his death would be a return, not an end. The motif of a garden is similar, mythologically, to a womb. In Judeo-Christian mythology, life began in the Garden of Eden, which was an idyllic place from which we were expelled. Some Christians believe that after Christ’s return the world will return to its garden state. Some people believe that souls go to a garden after death between reincarnations.
    I’m not suggesting that any of this need be taken literally true, though you’re certainly welcome to. The main idea here is that death may be a reintegration of our conscious personality with our real Self. Like an apprentice taking the master’s place, except the apprentice doesn’t necessarily replace the master so much as they merge together. Perhaps that is what the dream imparted, even if only subconsciously.

  3. yes i do even though the ones i’ve heard of never had the people die until years later. maybe that is the almighty’s way of getting people to see their sins and turn their life around. and of turning nonbelievers to believers.

  4. definetly, think that something happens. when i was robbed at gunpoint, with a gun to my head, i closed my eyes, and i felt this weird sensation all over my body, i somehow telepatheclly told my mom that i love her, and she lives overseas, at the same time she was sleeping and dreaming that i was being hurt and telling her that i love her. somehow my mind traveled very far. and i believe that everyone has this power, wheather they are healthy or sick.

  5. I believe in life after death, not life as we know it but a new existence a different dimension… I also believe that we live forever in this new dimension… I believe that this life we have now is a test as to whether we will become good spirits or bad spirits in the new realm either way you live forever, good go to the light bad to the darkness it does not matter what religion, religion is like a guide to show people how to live properly… I also believe in a supreme being some call God.. live and lead a good life follow your beliefs, in your hearts you all know what is right or wrong and you will become a force of the light


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