Does anyone believe in tarot card readings ? Any real stories?

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Lately I’ve been really depressed bc of a certain someone my mom has always believed n people that say that are psychic she told me I should go idk if I can believe it ? Does anyone have any real experiences?

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*Psyching* No you shouldn’t .


Even if there are people with psychic abilities, why would they suddenly become more accurate by looking at a deck of cards?
Your common sense should be enough to take you through this one, dude.

Mikey, just Mikey

>>Lately I’ve been really depressed bc of a certain someone my mom has always believed n people that say that are psychic she told me I should go idk if I can believe it ?<< You should look for summer classes in remedial writing because you could really use the help.


if you ignore all the rubbish and so called mysticism surrounding the tarot you find that they can help you with difficult life choices unfortunately there are so many people claiming to be fortune tellers that the true meaning and use of the tarot has been corrupted.
a true tarot reader takes into account the symbology of the cards and tries to help the client relate this symbolism to his/her current life situation/dillemma and to help find ways to move forward, ne thing else is just game of chance so to speak and one of the worst misconceptions is usually missinterpreting the death and devil cards, as death really mens a life changing situation and the devil is best viewed as a warning about incorrect choices/desires


Tarot is a wonderful tool for self transformation and self discovery. I have been giving readings for friends for years with a deck I bought 20 years ago, and the readings/cards are always appropriate to the issue they have a dilemma about.
Just remember that Tarot and any divination tool does not predict the future!
I like to think of Tarot was a way to tap into inner wisdom we all have, to all the questions and choices we have in life – its like we have a radio station on but all we get is static (noise in our head, worries, outside influences) – Tarot brings in the station more clearly, through it’s symbols and images, to understand the inner wisdom we have available to us for making choices in our lives.
I once did a reading for a friend, she was familiar with tarot. She got a card she didn’t like, in a position she didn’t like, and wanted to re-shuffle the cards and pull again. I said “what you get is what you get – it’s your reading” – so she re-shuffled and you know what? She got the same card in the same position! Obviously there was a message there for her.


I read tarot and I find it to be very accurate. You don’t need to be a ”psychic” to be able to read the cards. You just need to understand the meanings and be in touch with your intuition so you can get even more information out of it. I’ve been reading tarot for over 15 years. If your interested visit my site, I give readings through email, .


I think Tarot can be very comforting when you need it.
Find someone who comes recommended.
My first experience with Tarot was 17 years ago when I was going through a rough patch.
The reader I went to asked me nothing about myself that would suggest “blind reading”.
They gave me an highly accurate prediction for the next 7 years of my life on things no one could have guess at.
5 years ago I went through another rough patch and when I went to someone they suggested I do it for myself which I now do.
I’ve never charged for doing it and I get a lot out of helping my friends when they have problems or anxieties.
Tarot can be highly accurate, it’s made me question a lot in life.
It can give hope when nothing else can.
It can help you move on when there is no hope.


OH YES! I have been reading for ions, but I have also had readings from very talented people. All good tarot readers are also psychics. The tarot allows us to concentrate quickly.


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