Does anyone believe in Psychic or parapsychology?

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Does it really exist? If it exists, how can it help us?

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Yes, many people do believe in psychic abilities and parapsychological phenomena (commonly abbreviated as “psi”).
If these things existed, they could be immensely helpful. The ability to predict aspects of the future with greater accuracy would be groundshaking in so many areas — financial, economics (investing and stock picking at the personal level as well at the national economy level), political, etc. Psychic powers would revolutionize the way information is gathered and used at all levels — national defense (What are other nations planning? Does Iran really plan on making nuclear weapons? Where are they stored?), criminal investigations, finding missing persons, etc.
Do they exist? Well, the complete lack of any of the above applications of psi actually occurring would seem discouraging. To date the evidence for psi abilities seems paltry, and to the extent that it has been investigated in a scientific setting, those results have been debatable at best.
The link below is an excellent and thorough reference on the investigations into psi abilities to date.

Nice Guy

Sure, millions of people do. The question is why.


There are good reasons to believe in human psi or soulfulness.
Some resources:
End of 10 sites allowed. Others:
“Transcendent Sex,” Jenny Wade,
“Children Who Remember Previous Lives,” Ian Stevenson, M.D.,
“The Afterlife Experiments,” Dr. Gary Schwartz,
“A Secret History of Consciousness,” Gary Lachman,
“The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet,
“John of God,” Cumming and Leffler,
“The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, Free and Wilcock,
“The Soul Genome,” Paul Von Ward,
“God Is Not Dead,” Amit Goswami, Ph.D.,
“The Big Book of the Soul,” Ian Lawton,
“The History of Last Night’s Dream,” Rodger Kamenetz,
“Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty,” O. M. Aivanhov,
“Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton,
“Testimony of Light,” Helen Greave,
“The Master of Lucid Drreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi.
Reviews at


Parapsychology as defined by the Parapsychological Association is
“the scientific and scholarly study of three kinds of unusual events (ESP, mind-matter interaction, and survival), which are associated with human experience.
Yes, I believe that parapsychology exist. Of course I also think other sciences exist (chemistry, physics, medicine,etc.), that the world isn’t flat and that the moon landing really happened.
Parapsychological phenomena has been used to assist in archeology, military intelligence, and grief counseling. (sources below).


Yes I do believe that some individuals have a gift for heightened perception, even to the point of actually seeing things. I think there are authentic individuals out there who have this gift, and there are even more phonies.


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