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Does anyone actually believe the Barack Obama stimulus package will be effective to help our economy?

if the bush bailout didn’t work well,
i don’t think the obama bailout will work well either. ha. the bailouts buy time in preparation for martial law and more fema coffins. really???
i don’t know about that.
but i wonder just how the stimulus package will work.
i don’t see it working well, and i think it will buy time.
the whole concept of capitalism/greed/man’s inability to live on the earth in a spiritual way is coming to a great crossroad of problems for those awake to see the 2012 shift of consciousness.
here are some links on it.


  1. It may not in every instance, however I feel it will get the country through what is turning out to be one of the worst recessions since the great depression.
    If it does, it will have been a success, and many people who would otherwise have lost their jobs, homes, and other assets will be able to hang on until prosperity returns.
    It may also force the government to put in place checks and balances especially with banks and investment houses which will preclude this type of fiasco from happening again.

  2. nah nothing is going to work during these times. It’s God’s will for all of this happen. And the best that we can do is make sure we’re prepared for what’s going to Happen.
    God bless (Steph)

  3. I am no authority on the subject. It is, however, my present belief that Obama’s stimulus package can not possibly be any more detrimental than were the supposed stimulus packages of recent history. Give it some time before casting doubt. He has the rudiments of a good idea, I hope it does not explode in his face. At least he seems to be making a REAL effort instead of a bucket full of double talk and words of placation. Just how do you think this country got in this fix in the first place? He is not trying to fix it per say, only get a handle on it. This goes all the way back to the end of the Korean Conflict, perhaps further than that. No, it is not a recent thing, this has been building for many years and guess what – now Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer get to shell out for the screw ups of corporate magnates and idiot politicians.
    All Obama is trying to do is slow down a run away horse.

  4. I believe in giving it a chance, how can anyone just automatically say No. President Obama is laying it all out there. He speaks very plainly he intends to whole people accountable. I like that.

  5. well these next two years are going to be really tough on everybody so if he does the right tax cuts and bring in the economist we should look pretty good around 2012 the deficit will still be high but not so high


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