Home Discussion Forum Does anybody on Religion & Spirituality actually read manga?

Does anybody on Religion & Spirituality actually read manga?

If not, I’m curious why. There are SO MANY religious manga out there!
Infact, all of these are religious manga:
Fruits Basket – Chinese Paganism
Angel Sanctuary – Christian
Wish – Christian
Full Metal Alchemist – Pagan/Atheist/Agnostic
Full Moon Wo Sagashite – Shinto
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne – Christian
Princess Mononoke – Shinto
Tarot Cafe – New Age
Love Witch – Pagan
DN Angel – Christian
Ah! My Goddess! – Pagan
Because I’m the Goddess – Pagan
Faerie’s Landing – Pagan
Princess Ai – Christian
Shaman King – Pagan/Buddhist
Yu Yu Hakusho – Shinto/Pagan
Telepathic Wanderers – New Age/Pagan
Zodiac P.I. – New Age
Manga = Japanese Comics
In America, they’re in English


  1. Many of us who enjoy manga aren’t as obsessed with religion as you seem to be. I have the feeling that most of us just read it or watch the anime, and don’t pay that much attention to whatever religious stuff is in the background.
    I also think labelling a lot of that stuff as paganistic is a little too judgemental, don’t you?

  2. I got hooked on comics and graphic novels when I was in my 20’s. I’ve been a fan of Yu Yu Hakusho and Full Metal Alchemist for quite a while now, I read them but I don’t get caught up in the paganism in it. Christian ones I didn’t know I’m going to have to read them now.

  3. I don’t really enjoy animae, but I do think it’s great that comics/shows like those you listed are presenting alternative spiritual beliefs incorporated into their “plot”. It allows people to be exposed to other religious traditions & beliefs through a very popular media.

  4. I LOVE MANGA! And finally, someone else see’s the religious context!!!!! My brother actually got the nickname Priest because of his insistence to friends about religion in popular Japanese culture. They kept saying he was preachy! (I, btw, am known as Prophet). Now, from your list I’ve read Fruits Basket, Love Witch and Zodiac P.I………….. I’m adding the rest to a must read list. And would you consider any animes? Um, I’ve been partial to the Manga/Anime Trigun? My brother says it’s Christianity, which I agree, but wonder if the Brothers fighting isn’t more Aztec (Quetzalcoatl)


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