Sunday, September 26, 2021

Does anybody know why my sister is in this condition ?

My sister went into hospital to have a partial removal of her liver due to tumors.She has learning dissabilities and is also epileptic,they say that the operation went well but due to her not leaving her oxygen mask on they decided to sedate her. She was sedated for two days and on the third day they tried to bring her round but they couldnt.When she finally opened her eyes a week later,which by the way that is all she can do after two weeks, the doctors say that she may be permanently like this but nobody including the neurologists seem to know why.Her kidneys have also failed and her lungs are failing,ironically her liver is fine.Since she has been there she has also had pneumonia and they gave her a traciotamy and put her on a ventilator. The only answers the doctors have gave us is that they dont know but her condition wont get any better.Has anybody out there had any similar experiences and if so what was the outcome? Does anybody have any answers?
The tests that she has had done that we know of are two brain scans and a lumbar puncture, other than that we know no more. which they say were fine


  1. My initial reaction to this is there has been some sort of negligence on the part of the hospital and they are trying to cover it up. Ask questions, get a second opinion, get a solicitor and look deeper into this.
    I am sorry this has happened to your family

  2. I wish i had an answer for you, but i do hope your sister improves and that she is not suffering. I also hope that someone on here will be able to offer you an insight into what is happening. I wish you all well.

  3. I don’t think any-one can give you a truthful answer ..I feel for you .and hope the pain eases..but be aware that the best doctor in the world is time..and if you just hope .in time things may improve..otherwise the great surgeon ..GOD .will help her..

  4. only thing i can think of is a lack of oxygen causing brain damage, especially if she has fitted whilst nobody is around.
    in such conditions she would be open to infections, they must have some idea why the kidneys and lungs are shutting down, what tests have they done?
    i personally would go with brain damage from lack of oxygen and infection due to deteriroation and trauma.
    ive seen many people struggle post-op, they go in for one thing and come out far worse, sometimes the body is its own worst enemy, especially the kidneys which insist on working overtime when the rest of the body wants attention.
    ask questions and dont take “dont know” for an answer.
    good luck, my thoughts are with you.

  5. The only people that can give you answers are the doctors.I’m really sorry to read your sad story and i hope they are wrong in their diagnosis.


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