Home Discussion Forum does anybody know who Anton LaVey is?

does anybody know who Anton LaVey is?

he basically wrote lost of books on satanism..being one himself. he was a very intelligent man regardless of what ppl say abt him.


  1. lol, anton zander lavey was a very funny guy with a fabulous sense of humor. the satanic bible was a joke, a play on christianity, if you do some research on him, you will find that in his personal writings he thought all the followers of the book were funny. it is a good book though, and if you need a religon to follow, why not one that allows to to do anything you want without guilt?

  2. Anton was a cornerstone of Western “satanism” as it is viewed today. He was apparently a very persuasive man. He was a philosopher. He was a panderer. All of the accounts I have read about him report him as highly charismatic, mysterious and entertaining. Yes, he managed to write a number of books, make a name for himself and earned himself a following. Intelligence does not equate to “carrying ones self well”. All in all, he was a manipulative business man. Nothing else. His only means of recognition were of shock shock tactics and showmanship, considerably a circus act. Taking advantage a predominately christian america to raise the concept of an irrationally feared rivalry. In turn, causing a stir leading to publicity, in turn, leading to asocial joining membership, in turn making $$$. As for his appeal, just like any other man established “religion” or philosophy there will always be the weak there waiting. He waxed and he waned. In my opinion he was rather corny, seriously Bad corny like the kind of corny where you want to hit em in the tooth corny. If you want to see “satanism” on a high-scale level…look to the bastard church divisions of christianity. In particular the roman catholic church and the papacy. It is a true monster. The most dangerous evil in the world comes with light and glory and numbers.
    Could you really take this man seriously? Look at the guy! He tried his damnedest to be a cartoon.


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