Does anybody know the contact information of popular feng shui expert from Hong Kong named Master So?





I’m from the Philippines and we are looking for a genuine feng shui expert to help us. We have heard about Master So from Hongkong and we are looking for ways to contact. Does anybody here know him or know of him that could give us his contact numbers and address? We would really like to work with Master So. Thank you in adnvance.
I’ve already checked his website but there’s nothing there indicating his contact information. Plus, none of us can read and understand mandarin. Thanks.


  1. these days there are many people who have just practiced fengshui and began calling themselves fengshui masters. and he is too young to be a master.
    try raymund lo, he should be called a master, bec he has been practicing and teaching the craft since forever. he specializes on destiny calculation (and his website is in english!):
    there are more fengshui masters who teaches the craft in english in singapore, where i learned mine. try these masters:

  2. sorry ,you are late,
    our beloved MASTER SO has just been convicted of sedition in china and will be facing the firing squad in a week.
    let’s all pray for divine intervention.

  3. Hi, hopes this help, got it from his english books..
    Room 4, 12/F., Rightful Centre, 11-12 Tak Hing Street, Kowloon.
    Tel: 27803675, Fax: 27801489
    Djoell is from Malaysia, humble me also can’t read Chinese words BUT hope 1 day, can go HK to learn from Master So.
    Find, he very Practical & down to Earth…..

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