does anybody know some sites?

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that are talking about OBE’s, sleep paralysis, psi-vampires and stuff like that?
p.s. if you don’t know don’t bother to answer cuz anyway the points are not money..

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hope this is what u r talking abt….


Hmm…. the only thing that I know abit about is sleep paralysis. I think that it is actually related to astral catelespy. (sorry, that is spelled wrong, but the word starts with a c and sounds like that.)
Read…Sylvia Browne: Phenomenon.
This “sleep paralysis” has to do with astral travel. When the spirit re-enters the body sometimes the body gets spookes and it feels like you are paralyzed.
Hope this helps.


Go to the T.A.P.S. site, Grant talks about sleep paralysis, and other similar topics. I suffer from it as well, it really sucks! But the easiest way to deal with it is not to sleep on your back and maintain a good sleep schedule. I work 3rds and the latter is difficult, if not impossible-but it helps. It has nothing to do with astral travel, ppl just think that because its an easy explanation.



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