Home Discussion Forum Does anybody know some quick way to remove dirty energies?

Does anybody know some quick way to remove dirty energies?

I need some quick, simple and easy way to remove negative and dirty energy from mu aura and my chakras


  1. easy .. become a highly evolved, intelligent Atheist … free and happy
    religion is a scam, full of dirty filthy energy and paedophile priests

  2. I sleep with crystals beside me or under my pillow. I say out loud the things I want and the things I don’t want. This helps too if you have nightmares. Say you want only positive dreams or show you what the dreams mean so you can deal with it.

  3. Suggestion; mentally reject them and with conviction send them to where they ought to be, in the Name of Jesus. Avoid sin and places relevant to, pray, do -penance and live a life of virtue.

  4. Nobody likes to suffer, so we all like to rid ourselves of negative karmic potential. There are several possibilities, and in fact we may need to try and apply all of these methods as much as we can:
    To avoid having negative thoughts that lead to negative actions in the future, we need to observe and control our own thoughts and behaviour, and destroy our negative attitudes.
    Similarly, we can observe/study (meditate) our own mind and encourage positive thoughts that lead to positive actions.
    We can avoid negative karmic seeds to ripen by purifying it, using the four powers of purification (see below). Although this does not eliminate the negative karmic actions, it can avoid the results to occur.
    Ultimately, when we realise emptiness directly, and remove all our delusions, we are not under the control of past karma anymore.

  5. We are what we eat! Your thoughts reflects that of the foods in which you eat. Food as it is digested is eventually absorbed through the intestinal walls into our blood stream. The body will do it’s utmost to digest using various enzymes and then discard what’s harmful as waste. If your desire is to remove dirty energies, as you label them, then first change your food intake. Energy neither created nor destroyed due to the natural laws of creation but can be controlled and eventually overcome if one is eating the proper foods and drinking the proper drinks. We eat too much, sleep too long and allow too much foolishness to me our reality. Soap operas, music, television. Shows telling what a man or woman should be then they themselves turn around and do the opposite. Food feeds thought! Eat the proper foods and also, most importantly pray! No evil thoughts have a place where heaven exist. The heaven is the state of your mind and again, it’s either created by you or destroyed by the same. When you plant corn, expect corn, for if anything else comes out, then indeed you know that you’ve erred. Eat the proper foods, pray and stop eating and spending idle time being more idle. Since an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, then what kind of mind and energy will one have when they are constructive and not destructive.

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