Does anybody know anything about the akashic records.?

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Pertaining to out of body travels.

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Hesychia Bryennissa

Are they not on CD yet? You may be able to get them from a used vinyl dealer.


The Akashic record is a multi-banded string of events reaching back in time, existing on the Astral plane. Supposedly, one can ride this string (river/ribbon of events) back in time, when astral traveling, to view events how they were or could have been.

Kathy K

The akashic records are the energetic recording of your Soul’s journey. It contains a vast and virtually unlimited amount of information, and is a living/changeable ‘document’. It changes to reflect the changes you experience as you grow, expand, and evolve.
I believe that the energy of the akashic records is something that permeates your physical body, rather than “something out there” somewhere. We all have access to our own akashic records, they are an intricate part of who we are. It is more a matter of learning how to access the information that is already there.
There are books on the subject of how to connect, guided meditations, e-courses, and live classes available if it is a topic that interests you. Here is a good website where you can find a variety of sources to help you learn more about the akashic records.
As far as out of body travels….I am not sure if that has anything to do specifically with the akashic records. Can you be more specific about your question?
It is not necessary to have an out of body experience in order to access the akashic records. However, it might happen that you do have an out of body experience while connecting. For me, it is a subtle change in the way I feel, an awareness that there is something more happening within my mind than just my own thoughts. And, I have also noticed that I can experience the passage of time much differently when I am in the records. (what seems like 20 minutes is really closer to an hour or two). But I am fully awake, fully conscious, fully present when I access the records.


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