Home Discussion Forum Does anybody know any good chakra exercises for the 7 chakras?

Does anybody know any good chakra exercises for the 7 chakras?

i want to know some good exercises for all 7 chakras.


  1. First of all let us understand the chakras.The seven chakras are
    1.excretary system
    2.Reproductory system
    3.Digestive system
    4.Respiratory sysytem
    5.cardiovascular system
    6.Endocrine system
    7.Neurological system
    These 7 systems were called in ancient language as 7 chakras.Stimulating all these 7 systems are called arising of the chakras or kundalini jagarana.
    The most effective 7 ways to arise the chakras are
    1.Bhastrika- deep breathing for five minutes
    2.Kapala Bhati-strokes on the belly-one stroke per minute for
    20 minutes
    3.Anuloma viloma-paranayam for 20 minutes.breathing from one nostril and exhalising from the other.
    4.Bhramari-2 minutes
    5.Agnisaar-2 minutes
    6Udgeetha-10 times
    7.omkara-10 times
    You can see all these yogic excercises by swami Ramdev in astha tv channel between 5-7.30 in the morning. You can also visit http://www.divyayoga.com

  2. I have a biofeedback device that I can actually measure the chakras and see what ones are closed, etc. …but I’ve learned how to open them verbally and that just feels wonderful to me to get them open and the energy flowing and ever since I have been doing that when I work on myself they are open and flowing so I know it’s working. If you want the instructions I would be happy to email them to you. They are easy but a little to much to put on here.

  3. Hello Jose C,
    One great exercise for balancing all 7 primary chakras is to chant the bija mantras. Bija mantras are known as “seed” syllables. Each sound relates to a different chakra. Chanting all seven in a row harmonizes and balances the entire chakra system. It is also an excellent way to practice deep breathing. The bija mantras all rhyme with “Mom” except for OM (rhymes with home), and All (rhymes with ball). They are:Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om and All. These are in order from Root to Crown.
    Take a deep breath and begin saying the bija mantras, one after the other, until you finish with “All”. Take another deep breath and repeat. Keep doing this for about 10 repetitions or however long your intuition guides you to do so. I do it while I am driving and find it helps me to be calm and focused when I arrive at my destination.
    Another exercise is to bring your attention to your Root Chakra and visualize yourself in a field of red flowers. Breathe deeply about 10-12 times and keep focusing on the red color of the flowers.
    Then bring your attention to your Sacral Chakra and visualize all the flowers turning orange. Breathe deeply and keep focusing on the orange color of the flowers.
    Repeat this for each chakra color; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Use green grass for the Heart Chakra. When finished, you will have balanced all 7 chakras.
    An option is to cross your hands over each chakra as you move through the visualization. This can help to keep your focus.
    Please feel free to check the website referenced below for more information about the chakras and energy healing.


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