Does anybody know any delicious vegetarian recipes?

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I’m on a spiritual journey trying to clear my mind, body, and soul from the toxins produced over the years. I fasted for a week and now I would like to become a vegetarian because I realized to eat meat such as; beef, chicken, lamb, goat, and even fish was earned through killing and causing pain to others. I’m a deep believer in Karma so, I think the pain will always come back to U. That’s why ppl have so many health problems when they have too much meat in their diet. I’m a very picky eater so can anybody give me a recipe or a website where I can find good vegetarian meals? All answers would be greatly appreciated:)

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There are some easy and tasty veg recipes on this link. hope this helps and good luck.


Here’s a link to a website:
There’s also a lot of other website out there. Try to google vegetarian dishes. Or, visit and try to narrow down choices.
Good luck on your journey.

ka yun yoon

hi! I belive in karma also, but I’m a vegan, not vegetarian (eggs and milk are to cruel for me ^^), but anyways, I’m happy for you and good luck on your journey.
I like to eat mostly raw foods, they are verry good for you, help detox & clean your body while not fasting, and also clear your mind. my favorite is simply raw and fresh fruit juices(apple, grape, pineapple, cantalope, strawberry, coconut milk, peach, mango, papaya, etc.), fruit smoothies (banana-blueberry-rasp/blackberry, tropical mix, etc.), and melons.
I have this recipe I love, it’s not all raw, but mostly, try mixing sprouted quinoa (opptional), steamed wild rice, avacado, julianned/sliced cucumbers, baby spinach, cilantro, korean chili pepper flakes (just a pinch or so), lemon juice or rice venigar & sea salt together. It’s chirashi-zushi, my husband who is a sushi cheif makes this for me =)
I also love ethiopian food, if u have a chance, go to a restraunt, their vegetarian food is wonderful, and is most times vegan also. Love the injera

gypsyveg has a recipe link and Chef Deb can convert nearly any recipe you have to a vegetarian one.
There are a lot of good cookbooks out there as well.
Good luck to you.


Here is a couple of simple recipes for you:
Mashed potato: Cook the potatoes, add some vegetable margarine or equivalent, some salt, mash.
Cucumber sauce: This is seriously tasty. In a pan, prepare a “base”: 2 tbs olive oil, 1tbsp flour, half a cup of vegetable stock. Stir into a smooth mixture. Add thinly sliced or grated cucumbers (at least 1 cucumber per person). Cook on low heat for about 10 – 15 minutes until cucumbers are soft. Add ground cumin. Add pepper to taste.
In a pan, saute an onion (chopped), red or yellow bell pepper (diced) and garlic. Add rice (about half a cup per person), sliced courgettes, red kidney beans, and any veggies you like – asparagus etc. Black olives are great, too. Add any spices you like – I like parsley. Add some saffron and vegetable stock (there should be 2 to 2,5 times as much stock as there was rice). Optionally, replace some stock with a can of diced plum tomatoes. Stir, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. A couple of minutes before it is done, place artichoke hearts on the top.
Bon Appetit!
-> here are some websites with recipes:


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