• It was midday. my dog – tilly – had been crying and yellping all night before so sleep had prevented me. As I awoke from a strange dream that involved my auntie – it happened.
    My eyes opened, at first i could move, at one point i even turned around and noticed the bedroom door wide open. but since I was half asleep i closed my eyes once more paying no attention to the open door, even though i had closed it before i went to sleep.
    Then, once again i opened my eyes, turned around, and noticed the door was once again closed.
    At this point fear struck my body, i began to feel the presence of somebody in the room with me, although i was convinced it was my brother – ashley.
    And then I litterally froze, my body would not move at all, my back felt extreme presure, then i screamed, but no sound entered my mouth, as if my tongue had decided to take a trip to mc donalds or something.

    then the rest is – as they say – HISTORY.


  • I’ve experienced a case of sleep psralysis a few weeks ago.

    I was working overnight(11pm-7am) shifts & day (11am-7pm) shifts at work leading up to this, so my sleeping pattern was inconsistant and had trouble sleeping(which, i believe, helped this case of sleep paralysis).

    Also at the time, I was completely unaware as to what sleep paralysis was/is.

    Anyway, i got home from a night shift at work, completely wrecked, so i quickly got changed and went to bed. It was a hot, humid night(Gold Coast, Australia) so i had All my windows open. I pretty much fell asleep right away.

    I remember awakening at night, not being able to move with absolute dead silence. I could only move my eyes. I saw a cloud of black smoke fly through my window kniwing it was a demon from hell. (I watch supernatural). The smoke descended into my mouth, posessing me.

    I was scared for me/my familys life! I was unable to do anything to stop this THING controlling me!! I woke up for about a minute, contemplatiing what just happened. I fell asleep again, where it happened again!!

    However, this is the weird thing.

    1. Im a very logical person, so when this happened again(happened a total of 7 times) I knew i was sleeping. anf that is when it happened. I could differentiate that i couldnt controll my body in this dream, so i quite literally took control of my real body (I could not see my real body, only my dreamm body) and used my hand to pinch myself to wake me up and to “break the spell”

    2. Every othrr time it happened that night i kept becoming more lucid(im was very familiar with lucid dreaming) and used my mind to try and destroy this tangent. which was both successful and unsuccessful.

    i couldnt destroy this thing, but instead fell into a lucid dream. desperately trying to change the paralysis. This took 7 horrifying trys to breakthe curse.

    3. i don’t know if this is true or not but I could have sworn I was seeing myself in third person

    Anyhoo, it wasn’t until later that day that i knew it was sleep paralysis. I excitedly told my good friend that I had a lucid dream explained what happened(he’s a dream enthusiast who briefed me on lucid dreaming) was sleep paralysis.

  • I’ve experienced sleep paralysis several times, and only once did I see “entities”.

    The one time I did see something, I should have been terrified, but it felt like I had been drugged. I woke up and first heard this odd humming or buzzing sound. At that point, I realized that I could not breathe. There was the unmistakable pressure on my chest and I could not move any muscle other than my eyes. Also, I wasn’t in my room. I was lying and strapped to a cold metal table, and there were two huge monster-looking creatures (looked like the things from the movie Predator) standing a few feet away next to a metal shelf/cart that had these scary looking (presumably) medical tools on it. They were talking but I couldn’t understand what was being said because of the humming sound. And then I started to regain muscle control again so I took a deep breath and wiggled my hands and feet. Then one of the creatures picked up a syringe thingy and injected me with something that made my blood feel ice cold, and I once again could not breath or move. I passed out/went back to sleep and in the morning there was a small mark on my arm where I had dreamed the injection was given.

    I should mention that I was pretty small when this happened, I was not and am not on drugs, nor were my parents, and the movie Predator had not yet been released.

    Sleep paralysis? Abduction? Vivid dream? Who knows…

  • I remember waking up and it was standing there, between the door to my closet and the bedroom door. I was so scared I couldn’t move. I think I managed to get out a TINY little “peep” of fear. It was tall, at least 6′ 5″. I could see nothing of it but a dark tall shadow in humanoid form and I could FEEL it thinking about me. I could feel its massive intelligence, and that it was evil. I still think back on how creepy it was that it just stood there, observing me. It was pondering me, everything about me, my future, my past, everything.

    Then I woke up again. Everything was the same but the “incubus” was gone. I was still so scared I couldn’t move, but I kept trying, fighting as hard as I could to at least wiggle a finger. Then I woke up again, and I could move, but I still wasn’t quite sure whether or not I was going to wake up anymore, because the “dream” was just SO realistic. I remember every detail, right down to the moonlight coming in through the window.

    It was a hell of an experience.

  • Yes. I only had it happen once but I will never forget the experience. It was dreadful, and I hope never to go through it again. It was in 1992, and I had a close family member die in tragic circumstances a few months before, so I was stressed out trying to cope with the aftermath. I wasn’t sleeping well generally but wasn’t dreaming either – as far as I was aware. One night I woke up, and felt fully awake – in my head, but I couldn’t move a muscle. I felt as if I were sinking into the bed, I weighed so heavy. Then I realised that what I really felt was a huge ton weight on top of me, the length of my body. It was suffocating and the fear I had was so intense, even the air in the room was thick and heavy, I was sure I was going to die. I tried to move, tried to cry out, couldn’t do a thing, just lay there with this ‘thing’ laying on me. The room seemed to be pitch black but I could just about make out familiar things like the dressing table and also other unfamiliar shapes – however, I couldn’t figure out if they were moving or not. I have a vague recollection of feeling myself dragged down the bed. The fear was overwhelming. All the time I felt like I was sinking further into the bed. It was an entirely unknown experience to me, and I remember thinking, am I awake, sleeping…I convinced myself I was completely awake. This was really frightening, because I knew there was no ‘waking up’ from it. It felt completely real and I was totally conscious.This seemed to go on for about half an hour but it probably wasn’t as long as that. Eventually, I got to move my arm and the whole weight thing disappeared and I was so exhausted I fell asleep immediately. Next morning I work up and it was all completely vivid. I was terrified and it took months for me to be able to be in a room by myself after it. I had been convinced some evil thing had visited me. However, a few years later, thanks to the internet, google etc, I discovered the Old Hag syndrome as it is sometimes known – feels like an old hag demon is sitting on you, but scientifically….it’s claimed it’s sleep paralysis, waking up in the middle of a dream, when the muscles are temporarily paralised can lead one to experience all I’ve described (and worse!). Anyway – thankfully, never happened again but if it did….I think I’d be just as scared. Nothing could prepare a person for it and I feel so sorry for anyone who has this kind of thing happen regularly.

    Phew, thanks for letting me blab on about that!

  • You can get all kinds of responses from the people, but those answers my never answer the questions that you may have. So why don’t you share your stories and maybe you can get good answers to your question………………….

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