Home Discussion Forum Does anybody have experience with Kundalini Yoga and or Tantra?

Does anybody have experience with Kundalini Yoga and or Tantra?


  1. There are many branches of yoga. One of the branches is Kundalini yoga. Kundalini refers to the energy source within your body located at the base of your spine. To awaken this energy Kundalini yoga uses different breathing techniques. The repetition of the breath and rapid movements manifests the energy of the body. An example of breath is the “breath of fire” or Kalabhakti. This is performed by sticking out the tongue while breathing through the mouth rapidly. Use diaphragmatic breathing not with the lungs. Sit cross-legged. This will create heat and rise kundalini.

  2. Kundalin yoga, Is a great technology to connect with your true identity. I´ve been practing KY for 4 years and it has helped me more than any other healing science. Kundalini means beloved curl which refers to a spiral of energy which can be awakened from your tail bone or sacrum- sacred bone and raised to transform your consciousness. By just doing 11minutes a day (this is a special time) you can change your life. I have cured myself from depression and feel much happier by practicing Sodarshan kriya- the highest purififing action with in the technology for 11mins a days. First check out your nearest 3ho center and learn some fundalmentals so that you can safely raise this energy. Sat kriya is a good one to start with then Nabhi kriya. All of this can be found online free of charge. Many cristians call this energy the holy spirit..without getting into labels there is a special spark inside of all of us that will allow us to feel reborn and renewed, it need only be cultivated. Do 40days of Sodarshan kriya without missing a day and judge for yourself. Or try mahan gyan mudra jesus practiced this one also. Carl Jung wrote a book called the flower of kundalini to describe this psycho-spiritual phenomenon.


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