Home Discussion Forum Does anybody have experience in Chaos Magick?

Does anybody have experience in Chaos Magick?

Specifically, does it have any “extra” outstanding danger or pre-cautions?
Sorry if this sounds a bit ignorant.


  1. hmmm. i dont really know anything like tha tbut doesnt using magick for bad purposes bring negative engery towards you and make bad things happen to you or something?

  2. Back in the seventies I had a LITTLE experience I have consciously blocked from my memories. I do occasionally pick up Austin Osman Spare and read him or look at his pictures without feeling bad about it but other wise I urge you to have nothing to do with it. Nothing.

  3. (((Elizabeth))) … good question, I don’t have experience with it yet, but my path is leading to it shortly, wish I had more info for you. Oh by the way happy thanksgiving!


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