does anybody else implement combat applications from tai chi?

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I have seen many good techniques come from the various Tai Chi forms and implemented them, has anybody else done this?
I love some of the stuff in the Wu style solo form, it is a short frame form with some real teeth. White crane spreads wings would be an example of how to get out of backwards bear hug and go on the attack.

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I know where you can find the Master Feng chen style tai chi videos, with all the combat applications, that usualy cost 7 to 99 dollars for only 3 bucks, and they are not mail order videos, they are instant downloads, the first page has white eyebrow and shaolin, the link at the bottom takes you to the tai chi page, white crane spreads its wings has quite a powerful weight shifting throw for a application, I do believe.


Various SWAT teams and Air Force Combat Controllers practice tai chi moves in combat BDU, boots, garb, and gear because of its various combat applications.
Just think, you might need to:
*Take quiet, stealthy steps in boots and gear.
*Stay in one position for a long time.
*Steady your weapon for an extended period of time.
*Hold your breath.
*Traverse over a minefield or catwalk one foot at a time.
*and of course stay fit and flexible.


Look up videos by Erle Montaigue. He is one of the foremost experts on the combat applications of Tai-Chi-Chuan and the art it came from. He has the pressure point applications of the Tai-Chi techniques.

Blue Siytangco

Yes. On a daily basis. I teach the Chen Style of Taijiquan and I make it a point to illustrate the martial purpose of the art in every class. I will illustrate the applications, but also allow interested students the chance to practice them. I definitely include push hands drills that run the spectrum from very soft and very slow to very quick and very hard; from sensitivity and specific skill training to competitive (American rules and Chinese rules) push hands. We perform drills designed to build reflex responses to different attack patterns outside of the usual tournament fair. And as an added benefit we mix it up by sparring with various rules and scenarios. I was always taught by my teachers and elder martial brothers that this is a veritable fighting art that was created from authentic battlefield experience, not just a relaxing exercise to add to your other martial arts training. It is a complete art. Just look at the weapons practices that we retain along side our barehand forms:
Double Sword
Double Saber
Kwan Dao
Other branches also keep alive these other Taijiquan weapons:
Double Clubs
Twin Staffs
Twin Hammers
Now I understand and completely respect practitioners who only want the health benefits that can be gleaned from solo forms practice. This is why the above mentioned partner exercises are optional and can be tailored to meet the needs of different students. But even without having to become a professional fighter it provides an even greater spectrum of benefits to at least dabble in the martial aspect of any style of Taijiquan.


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