Home Discussion Forum Does anybody believe in telepathy and think it's possible?

Does anybody believe in telepathy and think it's possible?

For those who don’t know what this word means, it involves reading someone’s mind through brainwaves. Possible or not?


  1. I have a twin brother and yes I believe in telepathy and am convinced it’s possible. We don’t read each others minds, we simply possess some kind of intuition that might not be explainable. Never questioned it’s existence – just go with the flow.

  2. No I don’t believe in it. Although sometimes in life it ‘seems’ to exist, I don’t think it really does. We can all come up with instances where we’d swear it happened, but I believe there’s always scientific explaination, and that it’s just not always obvious. I believe that extreme subtleties give us clues…but I don’t think they’re brain waves. I think they’re actions, motions, chances, tendancies, etc.

  3. Not really. Do not believe in it at all.
    All believe in telepathy tell me what you think…..to my mind and everyone who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.

  4. There has been some mixed results concerning research on this topic in a branch of psychology called parapsychology. In this field, research on the topic has been done on something called Ganzfeld phenomena:
    There’s also been some heated debate about research that suggests the existence of a human collective consciousness:
    And there’s been some other research partially related to telepathy concerning the ability to heal others at a distance:

  5. Yes I believe because I have the ability. (Not always a gift though.) I often hear, when I call someone, I was just thinking about you. I say, I know that’s why I called. I had a friend ask why I ever bother to pay for a phone.

  6. I don’t know about you, but I have never heard anyone say, “I really shouldn’t have trusted my gut instincts.” That’s basically what it’s about, being in tune to your intuition.
    I do spiritual healing with singing bowls. I play the bowl in someone’s hand, and feel the vibrations as they extend through the person, and can tell them where the vibrations are and what they’re doing. I can do this with person after person, and it always goes through at a different rate. I’m always careful to not call out too often where the energy is, so that I don’t lead the experience. I think that it’s important to verify the phenomena.
    I used to work with a Reiki master who could tell people many details about their lives while we were doing our energy work. Very specific things which could not have been randomly guessed.
    One time on a camping trip, we created a psychic link which allowed us to keep tabs on each other without needing those family band radios.
    One time, while engaging in on-line activities, a witch and I played a game of “where am I touching you” and we were able to correctly identify where and how the other person was touching from thousands of miles apart over IM
    For a while, a friend and I maintained a karmic connection, and sometimes I would smell something, and call her up, and it was exactly what she was smelling.
    “Did you just make cookies?”
    “Was the dog just breathing in your face?”
    “Did you just disinfect something?”
    Often times when I’m driving, I’ll see someone walking who doesn’t look as several cars go past, and I’ll look at the person, and they’ll turn to look as I approach. Whereas people with the person (the ones I wasn’t looking at) don’t turn.


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