Does anybody believe in scrying with clear crystal balls etc?

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Okay, I’ve been reading up on all types of psychic stuff for fun. Now that I’ve been reading it for an entire year besides academic stuff, I’m starting to think it’s real.
I’m going to stop reading about it now. I’m curious as to whether or not if it works. I’m not going to do it. I want to see someone try it (not on me) on someone else. Just in case they get hurt, I’m well enough to stay away from it.
So, I’ve had mountains of books about scrying and psychic stuff. I’ve meditated with stones like amethyst, sodalite, tiger’s eye, laboradorite because I own those stones. It felt different but once again, I was with a professional from my school to avoid doing something wrong.
This profesional said she saw my aura and it was lavender, blue and a lot of white all around me. I didn’t see anything. I felt the energy transfer and that was it. I googled it if you’re wondering.
Tell me what you know. Thank you.

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(smiles) Please tell me : ” What makes a ” professional” of Scrying? Also, a Buddhist told me once that if I sat in front of a mirror for a couple of hours, I would see my own aura. Well, #1, why would I do that? Of what good is it? Who does it help? Does it serve humanity in any way? Each is free to investigate whatever he wants… but if it leads to nothing of merit… then why bother?

Midnight River

yes scrying is very popular. it’s what Nostradamus did with ink and water. he saw images in them and wrote them down. and today, his prophecies are somewhat accurate.
scrying with a clear crystal ball is optional. you can do it with ink and water as well. the results are mostly likely going to be the same.
with a clear crystal ball, you might have to sit there longer until pictures actually form.


Your aura colors tell me you are a caring person and have some psychic stuff happened to you. (although you might have passed it on as a coincidence. Hmm white, meaning you like to be by yourself or its you are a religious person as believe in God, its one of the other maybe both
as far as seeing the future
many use different forms to get their info
yes I believe in it


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