Home Discussion Forum Does anybody actullaly have esp or telepathy or telekinesis?

Does anybody actullaly have esp or telepathy or telekinesis?

And i don’t want anybody making up stupid lies just because they are bored with thier own lives.


    • i have esp and telepathy when i reas 19 i was diagnosed with paranoid scz although my gp argues that i have not i feel perfectly and arm sane 6 years ago i moved into a semi detached house the neighbour next door doesnt make a noise he has been sitting quiet for the past 6 years i dont know if the walls are paper thin an odd time i have heard music coming from next door but as soon as he is aware you are listening he turns it off if you see him outside he just looks at you and doesnt speak even people who viisit him sit quiet as e have seen them arriving and going by accident after 5 years i discovered his chrisitan name it is a quiet nebourhood as well so for the past 5 years i hve been sitting in my bedroom to get as far away from him as poss being paranoid about him all i i have had to rely on are my thoughts and as the years went by bit by bit esp and telepathy have developed as i grew older my thoughts had to be unscrambled i have never had paranoid scz i have esp and telepathy now i also think that i have defeted satan he4 was going to drive obama and putin insane to lauch the nucular missiles the world should of ended over 5 months ago i have been battiling satan for over 2 years and satanists think of this as you will i know its the truth i am not insane i am perfectly sane.

  1. No, nobody has these powers. Lots of people claim they do, but none of them have ever been able to prove it. There are millions of dollars in prize money for anyone who could demonstrate these powers, but no one has done so.

    • I do not fully understand it myself i know this sounds crazy but i also have been in touch with Heaven< Heaven is a Planet just like the Earth in its own Solar System like the Earth I have defeated Satan as i have already said Hell is in fact in the centre of the Earths Sun run by the Devil the Devil and Satan are two different enttites In Heaven there is God sitting on his Atlas Throne on his right is The Virgin Mary sitting on her Divinity Throne on her right is Jeasus on his Infinity Throne on Gods left is Ian Green on his Diana Throne there is only one human being who can posses ESP and Telepathy i am in Two places at the same time if you get my meaning i have had several telapathic conversations with my loved ones in heaven I am not Insane i do not wish to blow my own trumpet but i am in two places at the same time i know who i am i am not crazy or insane you can make your own mind up what you belive. i wont be posting anymore comments. Eddie

  2. It is extremely doubtful, as such has never been scientifically proven. An ex-magician “The Amazing Randi” has made a career out of investigating ‘paranormal’ phenomena such as ESP, telepathy, etc., and has been offering a $1 million prize to “anyone who can show, under proper observing conditions, evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power or event” for years. No-one has ever claimed the prize, although many have tried. You might want to check out his website and the Wikipedia article about him (especially the section “Career as a skeptic.” I can’t deny that it would be cool if such powers were real, however!

  3. http://www.tiller.org
    are some interesting sites.
    Also, “Extraordinary Knowing,” Dr. Elizabeth Mayer,
    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi,
    “The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet,
    “Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures,” O. M. Aivanhov,
    “Ethical ESP,” Ann Ree Colton, are worthwhile.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  4. i would imagine people with this would stay quiet, or else they would end up on a Laboratory table under microscopes and what not.

  5. For me these abilities usually happen naturally, I don’t have to try to make it work. When I see spirits, at times not only do we communicate telepathy, but at times as long as I can see them their personal thoughts pop in my head telepathically, and it happens at times with humans. And I have visions that come to me unwillingly, usually the visions come to me as warnings, or my body would react in a way that I know something bad is about to happen, and it usually does when I feel that way, so I prepare for it when I get that feeling. Either by the way I feel, or the vision I see, I usually know what’s coming my way, so I know what and how to prepare. Some times I have dreams that come true, and If I don’t take to the warning I will find myself in trouble, so I tend to take dreams seriously. And I do have one spirit that helps guide me, and she communicates through dreams in vision form, and when she comes to me in spirit. She is usually completely white, or at times grayish in color, but not much detail of her features, unless she shows me in dream form. Sometimes she follows me, I have see her once at my work place. I can see spirits when asleep as well at times when my third eye opens, and I know it’s not a dream because at times I wake up completely to see them leaving. I have seen spirits ever since four years old, at times nothing is happening, then at times I can see them everywhere. I can astral project or travel and I’ve seen spirits at them times, I did hug the woman spirit above once when I astral traveled, and had a fight with a bad spirit when i astral projected, he never came back, and the woman spirit was there to help me get rid of him. Once my left ear vibrated very fast sitting at the computer, and just then the phone rang, it was bad news on the other end, and my answer to that person was to say NO, I took that as a warning. I always had feelings that I lived in another time, and all these feeling came to pass and came true when the spirit woman above I spoke about came to me, her name is Erica, she knows me from a past life, she even gave me past memories of us together in our very first time together, and I was the one who died first. And in another past life that I see, she was there in spirit for me during a battle I was in that I have survived like she was in many of the battles I have survived in this time. It all came together for me when she made herself known. The missing pieces of the puzzle all came together that I was seeking in this life time, why I saw spirits, why I feel this way or that. She said to me twice, basically that no matter how many battles I have in life, she will always be there by my side~

  6. Yep, it usually happens without me having to try anything. An easy exercise you can try is establishing a link with a friend and transmitting basic primary colored shapes. Then you can see who is more accurate. Its also an excellent way to practice for more complex messages.

  7. There is plenty of proof of telekinetic abilities. Almost every government has done experiments with it. Some have had remarkable results. The NSA, CIA , KGB, the US Military and many other organizations have done experiments. As for how many have it, I believe everyone have the abilities ,but because they are taught that it is “evil” or is a case of mental illness they forget how to use it.

  8. I use to date a guy that his job in the military was to visualize places far away. He obviously was good at it for they kept him doing that for years.

  9. I have esp and telepathy as i have said erlier on i dont do card tricks i have also said about my neighbour be honest how many neighbours sit quiet for 6 years even friends who visit him do as well and make no noise i belive there is more to it than meets the eye over 5 years in my bed room with only my thoughts to rely on paranoid about my neighbour i couldnt move as it is not ny house i am a carrer looking after someone who also lives with me it is there house not mine i belive with sitting quiet myself it is a quiet neighbour hood i have unscrambled my thoughs and now have esp and telepathy not paranoid scz i also think i wont say belive that i have been battiling satan for over the past 2 years he was going to drive obama and putin insane to lauch the nucular missiles the world should of ended over 5 moths ago i will say think not belive i have defeted satan i am perfectly sane i have never felt better think of this as you will as even i at times find it hard to belive but it must be true i am not making any of this up what i have experianced its the truth.

  10. Read my three posts messages i have left three on this site this is the fourth read all of them and make your own mind up by the way i am not Jeasus and not Ian Green or The Virgin Mary make your own mind up but i am not insane or crazy i have never been more sane in my entire life to be perfectly honest i dont fully understand it my self i also have for a year been dreaming about planets solar systems creation ect and have had lucid dreams as well i will not be replying to any comments this is the only site where i have spoken the truth of what i have been experecing and i will not be in touch any more. Eddie

  11. The house i live in stood empty for 5 years the house with the next door neighbour who doesnt make a noise the house i live in was owned by a jewish family who live in London i belive it was my destiny to move into the house and i also belive my Soul is ESP and Telepathy. read my story and make your own mind up i find it hard to fully belive it my self but its all true what i have experianced i am not makeing it up and i am not insane. Eddie


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