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Does Any1 Else Experience Sleep Paralysis On A Whole New Level?

Does any1 else feel “Sleep Paralysis” is an outer body experience?
I have common experiences:
1) Once i was sleeping in bed and awake with sleep paralysis. Paralyzed really from my bed yet what i am doing was “sitting in a black folding chair” that is actually standing next to my computer desk; paralyzed next to my bed facing a coffee table with a “computer” (really isn’t there either) placed on it. My eyes were open faintly trying to see clear but my vision was blurry. I felt myself trying what felt like minutes to move and than just drop lifeless to my mattress…after the paralyzed state subsides, i “splash onto my bed” i open my lids seeing the ceiling fan spinning. This never happened, yet it wasn’t a dream. IT was just as real as me typing this now :/
2) I was sleeping at a friends house in an open bedroom and all of a sudden i awaken with this unfortunate feeling. What I am doing during this is “walking into another room” and “talking to a friend, lights on” & than I head back to the one room I came from. All of a sudden I realized I am actually sleeping because within an instance, what just happened was like a blink of an eye. I am paralyzed to the bed with my eyes shut because with all my strength they could not open…A minute later, I think I am “seeing a friend of mine, standing up and looking down”. I am pleading for the friend to lift me up because I cant move. I feel my arms raising into the air & than *snap*, half way of being sat up; My eyes really open and what I saw flying towards me from the pitch blackness…the most evilest thing. From what i remember, it was a demonic apparition flying towards me like lightning. I felt myself “screaming like a girl” as I “snap the sheets over my face and curl”. What felt like a second later, no longer am I paralyzed. I woke up, the room filled with sun…
P.S. I have had many paranormal experiences since the age of 6. The hearing of the name whispered into my ear, poltergeist, the white sheet standing in front of my bed. A full apparition of an old man sitting on my bed with his hands placed on his lap, even a wheelchair moving out of nowhere doing a 360. Alot more stories which would be even detail. Mostly it would be the man who died in this house prior to living. His name was Alex. Yet he is friendly and makes his appearances without meaning or causing actual evil harm…The 2nd incident of the sleep paralysis had taken place at a friends; I looked it up and what they told me about the demon i saw flying into me is that this happens normally in west African tribes. They described him in detail and said this means “you are not possessed by a ghost, you are the ghost’s possession; he owns you”. I cant find that site anymore and have since tried many occasions to find the link. Not shocked, I always knew I had a 6th sense but was little nervous discovering I am actually owned by another spirit like I am his slave or something. Again this is mostly experienced (that demon) in west African tribes…the weird part, I live in New York :/
Any1 else experience the horrible experience and that demonic apparition evade your body and i guess “take over your soul”???


  1. Don’t listen to these trolls. It annoys me when people write off things they know nothing about as others just being crazy.
    Alright, please note that I am not advocating for or against you having a haunted house or having supernatural experiences. I am merely explaining this one.
    Sleep paralysis is one of those conditions that is rare for most people but common for others. Most everyone gets it at least once in their life. The problem is that if you get it once then it greatly increases your chances again.
    Sleep paralysis in a nutshell is when your body doesn’t wake up at the same time as your mind. When you go to sleep your body enters a state of paralysis that prevents you from moving. If it didn’t happen then you would act out your dreams. It is a natural and desired bodily reaction. The problem occurs when your body is late in turning it off. Sleep paralysis by itself is just you waking up and not being able to move (Not even your eyelids or toes. Complete shut down). What happens sometimes is that you don’t even wake up fully mentally either.
    In simplified terms (To save time) your mind is awake (At least partially) and your body is not. This fundamental difference causes a large feeling of dread or outright fear. This is a normal part of it. You are not really in danger no matter what it looks/feels/sounds like. YOU ARE SAFE.
    This dread and fear manifests itself in hypnogogic hallucinations. These are the “demons”/”wraiths”/”ghosts”/”aliens”/etc that you see. They can look like anything and are usually shrouded in darkness. Sometimes it is distinct (A clear image of say an old woman standing at your door). Sometimes they are vague (Moving shadows). Sometimes it make noises, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it may feel like something is touching you (Usually in the form of something sitting on your chest). YOU ARE STILL SAFE.
    Anything sensed is just horribly realistically personified figment of your imagination. Your logic center in your brain is still shut down during all of this so thinking rationally is nigh impossible. Just remember afterwards. You were and are not in any danger.
    Out of Body Experiences are a separate but related phenomenon. It essentially boils down to a controlled and self-induced sleep paralysis that then changes into a lucid dream with pre-set parameters. These out of body experiences you mentioned were a cross between the dread and the half asleep inducing a half-nightmare. You are in no danger.
    There are common denominators in sleep paralysis hallucinations. Most of them date back to primal fears (As irrational as they may be). One is of old women. One is of being sat on (It is nearly impossible to fight someone sitting on you). One is having a foreign creature rushing at you. (Like the one you had). Different cultures create different myths and legends about these, but they stem back to instincts. If your ancestors feared it then somewhere in your mind you do too.
    There is my very long and comprehensive answer. You are not insane, and these are not supernatural. They are a normal (Though mindbogglingly horrifying) occurrence. If you really want to stop having them then trying to not fall asleep on your back (Majority of them occur to people sleeping on their back). No Shrink is necessary. You are not some gods slave. These above all else can not hurt you.

  2. Of course!! WHile you’re asleep you astral travel. Everyone does it but few remember it. If you can fly in your dreams, then you’re astral travelling.
    You can go to people’s homes, outer space even other diimensions. You can meet other astral travellers or other universes.
    It’s awesome, you’re not nuts and it’s an awakening feeling.
    Next time you do it, feel around you. You’ll notice a cord attached to your body. Plus, feel your ethric body..it’s goey and sparkley. Enjoy it!!!

  3. I think you’d get a lot out of reading “Astral Dynamics”. The author (Robert Bruce) has also written a book called “Practical Psychic Self Defence” that you might find useful. The latter is more the sort of book you read out of necessity than for enjoyment, whereas the former is far more upbeat and is brimming with very detailed out-of-body information. If you’re not especially scared, go with the first one.


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