Does any specific religion or group have the copyright on prayer? (See DETAILS):?

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by Thrice-Vile Temptress:

“The true meaning of prayer is to use one’s life force in the most positive way for the betterment of one’s personal life as well as the world; it is a fundamental part of human life.” This was written in response to the following question and attributed to Masami Kondo of “The New York Times” (Look at Joyousam’s answer):;_ylt=Ai.HRMGoHPCl.FgaL3rZNyzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20070930165206AAo7j0G&show=7#profile-info-soZDKd4gaa
I couldn’t agree more with Joyousam here. I remember twice attempting to say that I prayed although I was an atheist, and being attacked by all sides. I consider prayer to be exactly as Joyousam puts it (and far less wordy than I could!;-) – utilizing one’s life force to send positive and healing energy. Whether in supplication to a god or to humanity – we pray in our kindness, our compassion and love. It is not so much whom we pray to but the energy we send from ourselves.
Agreed or no? Why?
Pangel, I agree with you completely. I don’t believe in deities but I used to call sending positive energy to the universe “sending it to God” – I only stopped utilizing the term because it has become so overused, and can mean a million different things. I call it spirituality for the most part now. My nomenclature is different but my beliefs are not. I am a spiritualist who doesn’t believe in a deity or deities. I found before that saying this didn’t make sense to a lot of people so I finally went with atheist because I do not believe in what the definition of “God” is or was or has become – but I do believe much like you do. I pray often and I should more. The only way to do it is to come back to myself and realize when I’m letting the struggles in life affect me so much that I forget somehow to let that good energy out. I think this is true of a lot of people, religious or non.
Thanks to all of you for your lovely answers!
Madpol – Atheists + Science does NOT equal stupid. Atheism is a LACK OF BELIEF IN DEITIES. It is NOT a belief in science always being correct, it is NOT a belief that theories are absolute proof, it is not a reason to insist that something is what it isn’t – it’s just an absence of God(s). I don’t know what atheist would tell you that something is wrong because it’s “unscientific”. Simply put, unscientific means there WAS no experiment – an experiment would involve science. If there was and it showed that the razor blade remains sharp than it’s scientific. Just because it goes beyond scientific norms doesn’t mean it won’t be proved. I don’t need proof for everything – I have faith in a number of things, especially spiritually. I am of the mind, however, that I may be very, very wrong. That’s why I call it ‘faith’ – until I know for sure I cannot dwell in absolutes. Faith amidst an utter ABSENCE of proof however, is not my cup of tea. That would be like saying Santa is real. No can do.

Answer by Patrick the Carpathian
Joyousam’s observation was an excellent one. I wish I was that smart.

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Pangel ((((HUGS))))

I totally agree
this may sound odd …. but although Atheism means having no belief in any deity
I dont see God as many others may
if you are just praying and sending thought out into the universe … to me that is your God
your direction , your focus , your reciever
I dont want to take anything away from your Atheism by saying you believe in a God of some sort
it is just the way I see things
so by all means pray
send those thoughts out
I truely believe they are recieved … somewhere … by something/someone
I just happen to call it God
P.S I love this question xx


That’s why I like to bake cookies for you.
You understand the SPIRITUALITY aspect here…..
(And no, I do not believe that you have to believe in ANY God to be spiritual)

John O

I couldn’t agree more….; )


I agree completely. It is all about energy, which is the product of our thoughts and feelings. I further believe that we are all a piece of Source, so that when we express ourselves in a prayerful fashion through our kindness, compassion and love to another person, we are praying to Source, for we are loving a piece of God.


Christians like to think they do, but prayer has been in the Public Domain since around 50,000 BCE. Not that Christians believe in the Public Domain, or the world having existed before 4004 BCE.
It’s just a symbolic act that puts us in touch with the Spiritual Realm, whether that realm is external or simply within ourselves.
And, of course, you are being attacked from all sides. Theists insist on a monopoly, and Atheists reject everything they don’t understand–which is most things.
As an example. If you told an atheist that a razor blade left under a pyramid for a month would regain it’s sharpness, he’d tell you your tin foil hat was slipping, because of his belief in “Science.” In fact, you would be absolutely right, because it has been proven experimentally that that’s exactly what happens, the blade regains some of its sharpness. But the Atheist rejects the data because it’s “Unscientific.”
Well….back in the 1960’s, metallurgists ran the pyramid experiment WITH CONTROLS and discovered that the razor blade does the same thing if it’s NOT under a pyramid–rediscovering something that barbers have known since the middle ages. Steel has a small ammount of molecular memory. Not as much as the plastics and nickel alloys that are famous for regaining a former shape, but enough to smooth out the micronicks that prevent a blade from taking it’s former edge under sharpening.
The Moral? Religion or Science, follow the evidence–not the Scripture.
Ok, make that your average Atheist. Perhaps I was generalizing too much.

My midpt. in life.

I’ve always felt that way.
There is a certain power the comes when you put your mental and cosmic energies into to world and what you feel.
he said it so well!


Yoyousam’s answer was an excellent one, as an Atheist myself
I would frankly admit that I do ‘pray’ at times’
I just don’t address my prayers to any particular ‘being’, it’s more
of a personal spiritual leg up to all of humanity, just because I don’t believe in a ‘higher power’ does not mean I should refrain
from feeling empathy, compassion,and commitment to my fellow human beings.
They travel different roads, to perceived different destinations
but if our paths cross I am more than happy to walk in excellent company for a while.
Nobody has the right to claim a copyright on prayer or worse to state with appalling self righteousness
that a heartfelt, deeply moving spiritual message from an other human is meaningless because it’s send to the wrong
“recipient’, such behavior is cruel and callous.
It is inhumane to stamp ” Return to sender ” on this, just because
you feel the address is unknown,


Prayer is communication with God, so, yes it does matter to whom you pray.

Eagle Woman

According to my belief, my God looks at the heart of man, and sees what others may not be able to comprehend. I am a Christian, but I would be a fool to disregard the life of a man like Gandhi. He was a Hindu who once said that he was Muslim, Jewish and Christian as well, not so much as a statement of faith religiously, but to show his spiritual love for all mankind. He accomplished more than any army could have to bring independance to India. He is just one of many such men that we can all learn from. It is called history, and Christians or other faiths should not disregard history. If history weakens their faith, they need to question their belief system. It does not change my faith, it educates me about non-violent social and political change. If we walk in the light we have with no regard for selfish ambitions, we shall find our destiny. Mine is to serve Christ, and to love my neighbor as myself. Knock, knock! You are my neighbor! {{{Thricey}}}

Raven's (((hugGs)))

I love you.
I love you.
I love you. (I agree)
And a big (((HUG))) for Flyindustman
And here’s my little “talk” about prayer:
Examining prayers from many religious traditions shows us that when we humans pray we are often in some profound sense talking to ourselves. For when we stop listening to the song of all other life, when we close our ears to the voices of trees and stars and waters and land and animals and stones, all we have left to listen to are our own voices…and those voices speak of pain and injustice and terror and loss and darkness. And so our prayers become supplications to a Power from which we feel estranged, prayers begging that Power to make things different than they are for us.
But prayer does not have to be an expression of our own limitation and frailty. We can transcend our preoccupation with our small concerns to experience the Universe with awe and wonder. We can listen to the powerfully prayerful voices of other living beings, and know those voices to be our own. We can enter into relationship with the Divine through every thing in the cosmos, and allow it’s grandeur and beauty to fill us with delight, with joy, and with thankfulness.
We humans all too often allow the Universe to become too familiar to us. We treat the miracle of life with the same light concern that we give to the morning newspaper that we scan without attention. Prayers of thanksgiving and praise help to correct this state of being spiritually asleep. When our prayers list the wonders around us they are not groveling attempts to flatter a Creator; rather they serve to remind us of the marvels that exist all around us, at every moment. They help us to reawaken to what is really here – a mystery and a miracle that cannot be captured or contained, but can be felt and celebrated. These kinds of prayers help to hold us in the attitude of wonder that is characteristic of the spiritual life.
Further, when ones inner self is full of thankfulness, there is no room left for pettiness or pride, cowardice or condemnation, self-righteousness or sanctimony.

Riverotter7 4DaBenDan

Of course not. That’s silly. That’d be like me saying I own all the fish in the ocean and no one else can have any. Not only would the fish be offended, but it’s hard to defend! How in the world can you defend that statement?!
I’d much rather share the wisdom I have with others and put good and gentle things into the Universe. It’s like sharing food. Food is great alone but it’s a whole lot better when shared in the company of friends.

.:AlUcArD:.BI PRiDE!



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