Does any one out there use a Black Jet stone or Amethyst as a medium for psychic phenomena?

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Amethysts are good.


Lets talk crystals. Email me with what you want to know. 🙂

J B1234



They are great. But remember the psychic perception comes from YOU not the object you use.
I believe we are all psychic, but for the majority the gift or the belief has been long knocked out of them. Educated out is another way of looking at it. Many professional psychics have grown up in a psychic friendly environment. Perhaps a grand-parent or parent with the knowledge has helped bring the extra sense out in the open and encouraged its use. But there are as many practicing psychics who have not had the benefit of caring psychic guidance and who have still managed to develop and hone this natural extra sense. The Psychic Sense.
To tap in to it more you can go to my free develop-psychic-ability page here:
Here’s a real crystal ball used every day by a professional psychic, (me) now filmed for your focus and attention.


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