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does any one know of any good clasic hard rock songs like "eye of the tiger", "your the best around"?

for example
eye of the tiger
your the best around
through the fire and flames?
if you do please let me know about them! thanks!


  1. There is this site called pandora.com and it creates a music player based on the type of songs you like. Just type in an artist or song you know you like and it will analyze it, giving you similar bands. Give it a shot. I’ve found a ton of new artists I like through it.

  2. YES!
    “Asia – Heat of the Moment” is kinda good.
    “Dare – Stan Bush” is an all-time favorite.
    “The Touch – Stan Bush” this guy is just a cornucopia of good music.
    Pretty much ANYTHING by Andrew W.K… Though he’s not classic hard rock, he’s good.
    By the way, Through the Fire and Flames isn’t even close to classic or hard rock. It’s speed/fantasy metal. Don’t muddle what you’re looking for by mentioning other genres! 😀
    Enjoy those suggestions though! 🙂

  3. “Another One Bites the Dust” – Queen
    “Working for the Weekend” – Loverboy
    “Play the Game Tonight” – Kansas
    “Your Love is Driving Me Crazy” – Sammy Hagar
    “I Can’t Hold Back” – Survivor
    “Hold On Loosely” – .38 Special


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