Home Discussion Forum does any one know any magick spells/rituals?

does any one know any magick spells/rituals?

i want to know easy spells for helping people instead of harming them…i accidentally killed my grand father by using black magick


  1. You’ve got a lot of karma to work off then. I’m not going to lecture but magick may not be the best way for you to repent. However if you want something easy, get some white candles and when someone you know is sick or burn a candle all the while willing them to get better.

  2. All spells and rituals are evil. Do u know that 1 third of the angels in Heaven were bad and cast down to earth. When u practice anything like u r trying to do it opens the door for them. It invites them right in. Also there are differnt types of bad spirits. There are spirits of depression spirits of complancency spirits of anger etc. They can attach to u. Be a thorn in ur side. All stuff of this is evil and dangerous. Jesus is the only one who has power over these things. If u are dwelling it u are not of Jesus therefore u won’t have him on ur side to defeat what ever u bring upon urself or family. Please don’t. Pray. Accept Jesus.

  3. well you suprised me. i didn’t realize anyone else admitted to belief and confessed to evil at once yet still has a desire to come back
    now as for spells the spell should be any kind of ritual that feels right. i make pentagrams that have haloes and wings. i build altars to the songs of my own inner godhead.
    and if you can make one constellation in the stars that no one but you will ever know, this is strong magical purity and goodness. never tell anyone but if anyone else ever sees it and tells you, keep them close and honor them. they are a baby-soul that you must guide.

  4. Well, I recommend that you see a psychiatrist if you think you killed your grandfather using black magick. Did you do this all with the Evil Eye, or what? Seriously, you should know some white magick spells right now if you successfully pulled off a black magick spell.
    However, if you really want to get into the real business of understanding Magick, and sorcery that comes directly from yourself.
    Do This:
    Make a sigil. There are tons and tons of websites you could go to to learn about making a sigil. It’s simple, write out a desire..anything, just do something small. Cross out any repeating letters. Then make a glyph, a silly little picture out of the remaining letters. Focus on this little glyph, concentrate on it, visualize it. Just don’t remember what it is for (that’s why you make the desire small at first. Another good thing to do is make several over the course of a week and then charge them one at a time each day in the next week). Then just wait and see what happens.
    Even better, you could make a sigil not necessarily a desire, but maybe for a being, god, familiar, person, event, anything you can think of. Draw this on some unlined paper, on the corner of the page. Don’t make it to big. Get into a trance state, however you might go about that, and then focus on the sigil.
    You can either draw, or write out words. If you’re going to try drawing, try and get a hang of just drawing squiggly lines and things such as that. Get the hang of having your hand move of it’s own free will. Just let it draw and dance on the paper, pay no attention to it. Every once in awhile, look at what’s on the paper…if you can see an image there go ahead and add more detail. Flesh it out and find as many images on the page as you can.
    Congratulations, you’ve done your first automatic drawing! (or writing). You can use the info in the drawing (or writing) to develop your own system of sorcery…which has worked well for me.
    Also, if baneful magick is something that you like doing…remember this, you are never going to be all knowing, so you will never be a completely fair judge of what is going on. You should only curse in situations where you feel you haven’t judged someone wrongly, with your little human stupidity in the way. I’ve cursed in my life, but it was someone who did something absolutely despicable to a friend of mine.


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