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Does any know about raising the level of consciousness. we are supposed to go to 4th and then to 5th density.?

Does anyone know about this. What do you think will happen
Please give me your thoughts.


  1. Raising your level of consiousness begins with awakening to spiritual concepts. Begin by considering the basic questions: Who are you? Why are you here? What happens when you leave planet Earth?
    When you can answer those questions, then you can become more advanced and considering higher spiritual levels.

  2. When you talk to a human brain scientist who specializes in “memory,” he will tell you that “consciousness” is ALL memory…
    If you talk to a scientist who specialized in the “evolution” of the human brain, he will tell you “consciousness” is all about the constant interplay between “sensation” and “perception,” and is really a “Grand Illusion” we live with due to the complexity of our brains and the culture and society we have created USING those brains…
    So the answer is…
    We don’t really know what “experience” is, or even if there’s any such thing as “consciousness” or “experience” in any REAL meaningful way that could be said to “actually exist” in nature, because being “sentient” is a very philosophical quandary…a conundrum wrapped inside a paradox wrapped inside an enigma…
    Fascinating, isn’t it?!?
    (I think I’ll eat some ice cream, and contemplate this some more…hee hee)


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