Home Discussion Forum does any body want to trade yugioh cards?

does any body want to trade yugioh cards?

i am willing to trade a helios trice megistus, doomkaiser dragon/assault mode, black magic ritual, rose bud, endymion the master magician, cosmic fortress Gol’gar, and heros bond.
omg thank you so much if only you could tutor me in to how to play the game


  1. Honestly, all of those cards are worth about $.70 to $1.00. The only exception being the doomkaiser dragon/assault mode which is valued at about $2.00, and Gol’gar being valued at about $3.25. Your best bet is ebay, where you can make approximately $10-$11 on the whole lot. I’d try to build up your collection and if I were you, I’d hang on to them and go to a local yugioh tournament with those and your other better yugioh cards and trade for other stuff. I don’t know about anyone else, but my yugioh binder started out as a bunch of commons and structure deck holos, but through a year and a half of trades and looking through the dollar bin at my local tournament (hundreds of cards in lines in cardboard/ boxes that you can look through and when you find a card you buy it for $1. I’ve found anything ranging from scape goats to a holo bazoo the soul eater and many other cool things), my two binders together have an ebay worth of about $950. And my deck, anti-meta I financed with some of my trades with cards. The best thing to do is save up your collection, and after its good, ONLY if you really want to, sell it on ebay, and hopefully, by the time you want to quit it will be worth $500-$2500? I know $2500 sounds like alot, but some of the guys at my local quit and sold their stuff for that much and even upwards+. Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is to find a local tournament, trade and build up your collection. Only then, if you really want to sell it and reap the profits.
    PS: If you go to a local tournament and win you get packs which will even further your collection! (that is also how I helped build my collection)

    • I bet I can tech you to play yugioh because I have exodia the forbidden one,right leg of the forbidden one,left leg of the forbidden one,right arm of the forbidden one,and left arm of the forbidden one.


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