does any 1 belive in crystal healing or power?





does any 1 belive in crystal healing or power or is it all in the mind?cleasing with white sage all this sort of stuff?i do but i would like to hear your opinion?


  1. With Crystal healing or any other metaphysical healing is all to do with the mind. If one does not believe in it, one will never reap the rewards.
    Is the same when yr doctor prescribe medicine for you, if in your mind, you believe you won’t be heal you will never be heal. The doctor can prescribe you with higher dosage or medicines and keep changing them. I’ve known and seen people on medications all their lives. For some, they need it because if they are not sick they might not get the attention from family or friends. It gives them something to look forward too.
    Crystals or other forms of energy healing are tools that can help, if you are open and willing to accept that it will do the job. But we don’t heal anyone, the body is intelligent enough to heal itself. All you need is to be open to receive the healing.
    Dr Joseph Murphy wrote in the Power of the Subs conscious Mind
    In one of the paragraphs even the modern doctors accept the fact that they only dresses the wound but is up to the patient itself weather it ones to heal.
    The American white sage is very sacred, as you know they will have to ask the tree for permission before taking them. Is very good for cleansing with crystals, or negative energies in the house. Is good to wash the crystals after use, I often sun it to recharged the crystals. I especially put it out during the raining seasons as the rain or sea water cleanses the crsytals. If I need to recharged it quickly, I often use my singing bowl.
    If you don’t know which crystals to use, you can ask your guides or choose a clear quartz. All you need to do is just program it to cater for a specific need. I often carry a black tourmaline for protection. Is actually good for people who has problems with the brain, especially autistic kids.
    I use Crystal healing, Reiki, Quantum touch, singing Bowls, tong ren, and meditation for healing. And when I do it, I often asked the individuals who they pray too and if they have no religion, I would invoke the presence of their guides.(as you know guides are yr ancestors)
    I had spent 20 over years taking medications and I got fed up with it. But I do not discourage anyone not to seek professional help. I would only help if they really want to be heal or this is their last resort.
    I do it sometimes to speed up the healing after a major operation.
    You know with healing, I often invoke the help of Archangel Raphael for guidance as well.
    One cannot impose healing or another person/s without their permission. Is bad spiritual practice.

  2. Different crystals are good for healing certain things, or parts of the body. Or you can be drawn to a crystal and that’s going to be your best bet for a healing crystal. After you get it, wash it in cold water and then keep it close to you, like in your pocket all day and then under your pillow at night. The next day put it either out in the sun or sunlight coming in from a window to charge. After that it’s good to go. Laying down flat on a yoga mat, or even in bed is best. Turn off the tv and the radio. Put the crystal where you’re hurting and then meditate, focusing on the healing of whatever is causing you pain or illness.
    It’s not like as soon as you put it on your skin you’re going to feel improvement. But you’d surprised that it can ease the discomfort and you feel a little better when you get back up.

  3. of course I do. But many people buy necklaces/earring with crystals and expecto to find their true love the next day; it doesn’t work like that; and another mistake that can lead people to not believe in it, is not properly cleansing the crystal after use. if you don’t cleanse it, it can do more harm than good.

  4. Some misguided souls think that crystals have something to do with healing. These views are so far off the mark, they are funny.

  5. Yes lots of people believe in the power of crystal healing.
    And a lot of people remove negative energies with sage. Burning of sage is based on ancient rituals. The American Red Indians would have burnt dried herbs for a similar reason.
    Many people work as healers with crystals. The lady in my local area is always fully booked, so she must be going something right.
    I meditate with crystals
    Some misguided souls (normally Christians) think that crystals have something to do with the occult.
    These religious views are so antiquated and so far off the mark, they are funny.
    There is of course a lot of mumbo jumbo written about crystals – especially from dodgy psychics advertising on the net.
    So you have to be careful. Do research before making an appointment to see someone. Check their training and experience. Or do a course yourself and treat yourself at home.
    Here are some good sites:
    Personally I believe it works, rather than it being a placebo effect.
    To those people who say ?it?s all in the mind? or ?it?s the placebo effect? my answer is always the same???.?who cares?.
    As long as it works and you don?t have to resort to toxic drugs from the doctor or painful operations.
    Always better to heal naturally, without the use of expensive toxic drugs.

  6. Yes its definately interesting, I have been doing it for the last year. You can really change an atmosphere by clearing.
    An example; My mother inlaw is so negative and really dosnt like her visits here, though when I started clearing her attitude really started to change.
    The native indians use to do the smudging with sage to clear all negative energies from the aura.
    Crystals are great too, they all do different things for your chakra, you just have to make sure you clean them.

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