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Does anger lead to high blood pressure can you help me lower it?

To start it off I am 15/10th grader i think i might have high blood pressure i cant go to the doctor because i dont have the money nor does my mom. But I can tell my heart is beating fast. The main source of my anger is my mom she is making me mad we always argue every single day i always try whatever means necessary to avoid her but she always push my buttons which leads to an argument. Our relationship is pretty much done i have pretty much tried saving our relationship but she doesn’t care she always brings me down like calling me ugly fat etc. which i already get that from school. when she goes to work i feel at peace when i am away from her i feel at peace but when she’s near me the peace is gone and i cant just go to another room we lost our house to foreclosure and now we live in a garage so its really difficult for me to go to another room. Also anothere source of my anger is my 2nd and 4th class world history/ and english well i took the fcat didnt pass it and the school put me in these two low class the students are immature rude and could care less about things and always have something stupid to say teachers aren’t of help either. Also i have been dieting but not healthyly cuz my mom always make sphaghetting 3 times a week the rest of the days are rice. But little by little whenever my mom gets her check i buy fruits like bananas kiwi and advoadoes and ihave been drinking tazo zen green tea since June i weight 171 now i weight 147 because i would say i am currently in the process of changing my lifestyle. I feel like i a killing myself slowly with this anger of mine overwhelming me please help
So basically daily i eat fruits drink 1-2 of green tea daily a LOT of water fiber one cereal the one with 51% of daily fiber and mom cooking a litte bit of it like sphaghetti and rice etc
So can you guys give me any good natural tips for me to lower my blood or at least get my heart rate going at a normal pace like what food shoul i eat most what exercise should i do and also what meditation anything extra would do


  1. Stress is not good, its good that you have identified a problem and are looking at changing it.
    Start by changing your lifestyle, diet, your relationship with your mum, and the class that affects you. Ask your mum if you can cook a healthy diner 1 or 2 nights a week, and talk to her about the issues she has with you so you can work on them. Her issues may not be about you but about her being stressed out about something else.

  2. my mums like that too she shouts all the tme and at times i can kill someone at times best thing to do would probably do some kinda activity afterschool

  3. your diet doesnt sound too bad. you can eat more oats and veggies. drink more water, exercise with cardio more, like jogging running or even just walking. but really dont get mad so easy, (i know, easier said than done) but really dont let other people decided what your attitude will be. even your mom. someone once told me “a person who upsets you has power over you” its not worth it getting upset, especially when your health is at risk


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