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Does amethyst bleach in the sun?

If I put an amethyst stone in a sunny window, will it fade?


  1. If it is natural amethyst, it should fade very slowly. Unfortunately, most vendors these days, dye their amethyst to make it look like the more expensive, darker stone. They dye a lot of the crystals like rose quartz, blue quartz for instance. Other stones are heat treated to achieve a richer color. If in doubt, ask the vendor outright if they have treated the stone in any way.

  2. Whereas some artificially made semiprecious stones do change colour at high temperatures, nothing will happen to your amethyst under the sun.

  3. Cinnie,
    It turns out that your amethyst crystal WILL actually slowly lose its color if you expose it to sunlight for an extended period of time.
    Here’s why this happens: the purple color of amethyst comes from iron atoms that are inside the crystal. When light goes through the crystal, these iron atoms absorb the yellow part of the light, allowing more of the purple to pass through the crystal and reach your eye. As long as moderate amounts of visible light come through the crystal, this is all that will happen.
    Unfortunatley, though, the iron atoms that do this are also fairly unstable. Their ability to absorb yellow, and transmit purple light depends on keeping the arrangement of electrons in the atoms of the crystal the way they are right now. When you shine a lot of sunlight on the crystal, the components of the sunlight that have more energy will move the electrons around, and cause the iron atoms to lose this property. That means less and less iron atoms will be able to give you the nice purple color that you see now.
    You can keep your amethyst anywhere indoors and should not worry at all about the indoor lighting. But definitely keep it away from bright sunlight if you want the color to last for a long time. Even if you do take it in sunlight occasionally, this will happen very slowly. But if you do it too much, over a few years, you will notice the difference. I hope this answer made some sense… enjoy your amethyst!


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