Does Amaru from Naruto count as a bijuu?

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Does she or does she not? Because if she does count then that means that there will be 10 bijuus.
Oh and she has the ‘Zero Tailed Masked Leech’ is created by the dark thoughts and feelings of the downtrodden people. This parasitic creature will seek out and feed upon any negative emotions within Amaru’s heart and allows the spirit to create Dark Chakra (闇のチャクラ, Yami no Chakura). When anyone near the Zero-Tails is emotionally unstable, it will inhabit her body and take over.

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No, she’s not, because the Zero-Tailed Leech is not really a tailed beast. The original tailed beasts were created when the Sage of Six Paths defeated the Ten-Tailed Beast and divided it’s (the beast’s) chakra into smaller parts. Only 9 beasts were created at that time, and the Zero-Tailed Leech had nothing to do with that.


read this:
– In Naruto ShippÅ«den 2: Bonds, it features a creature called the Zero-Tailed Masked Leech. Despite having a numerical tail name, it is not an actual tailed beast and it has characteristics that are quite different from the true tailed beasts.
– Despite the beast referring to itself as Zero-Tails and Shinnō referring to it as a tailed beast, it is not considered one of the original tailed beasts due to the fact that it was not born from the Ten-Tailed Beast.
there ARE 10 tailed beasts. from 1 to 10. the ten-tails is the original one, the bijuu from which the other nine bijuu came from.


No. There are only nine bijuus.
Besides, she’s not even canonical.


you dumb people spelled biju wrong


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