Does adding an algae eater to a gold fish tank break the configuration in a feng shui tank?

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my wifey is crazy about feng shui,so we have a small fish tank with 3 gold fishes at our home,but recently there is algae infestation in the tank,mostly beause of sunlight coz that the only place where we could keep them.Does adding a pleco(algae eating fish) disturb the configuration of keeping gold fishes according to the FENG SHUI way?

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no but the algae will

Yada Yada

There are Gold Chinese Algae Eaters. They do not eat algae as well as Plecos but they are a golden color. Chinese algae Eaters tend to pick on other fish as they get bigger though. Otocinclus Algae Eaters are better at eating algae and do not get very big and do not pick on other fish. I am not sure if there are Gold Otocinclus but there is a good possibility of it. There are also Gold Mystery Snails and Gold Apple Snails that eat a bit of it. There is also algaecide if you won’t have any live plants in the tank.


before implementing, think what fengshui method are you basing your application. there are many methods. with regards to water tanks i think flying stars and/ or water placement are used. as i said before, the kind of fish is not important – what is important is 1. location of water 2. kind of water (either a. still water or b. moving water)
in case of moving water, you still can use fish or just an aerator, because it makes the water move – that way, you do not have to raise fish and make a mess out of it – esp if you are not into raising fishes.
number, color and kinds of fish are not important.
water is used to cool down too much fire. still water is sometimes used, because moving water can activate fire or cause fire in an area with too much fire even if you put a large water tank in the area – and the cause might be an electrical surge or something else. this is how water is used in flying star method. thus, fish is not necessary in fengshui.


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