Home Discussion Forum does a true Niqab have to be black?

does a true Niqab have to be black?

Her eyes smiled back at me as I smiled at her the essence of womanhood in long flowing raven threads,my spiritual nakedness exposed in a moment of revelation,guilt,awe and wonder surfaced in me at once and I longed to be as she was,and as she turned around to wait for her running toddler,I had been somehow awakened no longer did I view the Niqab as some middle eastern symbol of female enslavement and terrorism,instead I saw it as something inspirational and enlightening,and my views instantly changed,as did my spirit,for she touched me with her true feminine grace her beauty was as rare as the black rose of modesty.~Tarre


  1. NO, any color but it obviously can’t be see through
    Nice writing , excellent.! lol you must be a very good writer/poet.
    thats was beautiful mashallah.

  2. no
    but it can be in any color
    and should not like inspect of hiding u make u more attractive
    remember to cover ur neck and chest also from ur niqab


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