HomeDiscussion Forumdoes a succubus actually go into your body?

does a succubus actually go into your body?

if so how do i summon one of these?


  1. A succubus needs energy to live, and they take it from you. You get weaker and weaker and you may not know why until its too late.
    Never summon a demon, especially one whose express reason is to drain you. If you want to summon sex that badly, get a sex toy that only needs inflation or batteries – not your life.

  2. Succubi do not exist. They were a mediaeval excuse for “wet dreams” which, in the days when sex of any kind outside marriage was considered a sin, served to absolve men from any guilt.

  3. They really do exist.
    It is the most wonderful experience in the world.
    If you treat them with respect, they will treat you the same.

  4. Thank you, Steve. I’d have to agree. With most beings, as with humans, if one offers respect, one receives respect in return. Responding to the original question, “Does a succubus actually go into your body?” … Yes, and no. If one is thinking dramatized, “Hollywood-style possession”, then no, not that. It is more of an intensely intimate blending of energies (hers and yours). I’ve actually felt more energized, alert and empowered afterward. As for an “energy drain”… well, let’s put it this way: I don’t believe you’d feel any more physically ‘drained’ from a succubus than you would from having a ‘marathon’ all-nighter with any frisky human woman. The key — as with anything in life — is balance and common sense.

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